Monday, September 15, 2014

Book Blog 1

Jazmin Cruz
Composition 3

The Lost Childhood                                                                                                    
Yehuda Nir                                                                                                 
Scholastic Press, 2002
283 Pages

‘’Age and experience did not matter since we were all new to this brutal game of survival’’ (27).  Yehuda, the main character , is only eleven years old when his whole life changes in front of his eyes. One day, he is living his middle class life and the next, World War II begins. Yehuda was as happy as an eleven year old Jewish boy could be. His family had money and they were well off, he had good friends and family, and most of all he had freedom. By the year 1941, he and his family didn’t have much freedom anymore and eventually they had to start hiding and forging their documents to survive. When he was only thirteen, he had already lost his father, moved around numerous times, and even held down a job just to make ends meet. No thirteen year old should have to go through any of that, plus more. Everyday was a struggle just to make sure that he was able to  stay alive.
Since Yehuda was so young when the war began, it took him a while to realize what was happening around him. As soon as he understood, he realized that it wasn’t good and that him and his family may not live if they don’t watch what they were doing at all times. He was scared just like a young boy would be, but with the help of his family they all were trying to stay strong for each other. There were multiple parts that I was worried whether or not him and his family would live or not, which is another part that I like. It keeps you on your toes and wondering what’s going to happen.
This book reminds me of The Diary of Anne Frank, which I read a couple years ago. Both of these books take place at the same time period and are about the main character trying to hide from Germans who are trying to kill the Jews. Although, Anne Frank doesn’t make it to end of World War II as opposed to Yehuda. I don’t know why but books about World War II are so fascinating to me. Of course I don’t like what happened during the Holocaust and the reign of Hitler but it really is interesting to learn and read about.
At first, I thought  The Lost Childhood which was written by the main character, Yehuda Nir, was going to be a boring book and I wasn’t too excited once I started the first couple pages, but once I kept reading I couldn’t stop. I’m actually pretty excited to start reading the second half of the book. This book is a historical memoir but I honestly think that any kind of reader would like this book because it’s not all about World War II. He talks about what he likes and he kind of tries to be like a regular boy and it’s interesting to read about all the hardships that he had to endure, while still being a young boy. So I would definately recommend this book for anyone to read, especially for someone that loves historical books or memoirs.


  1. Very good! Maybe put in a question for the reader. Did well on introducing the main character and talking about them. No huge grammatical errors. Good job!

  2. You do a nice job of summarizing, including the conflict, and showing the main character's emotions. You made good comparisons between the book you are reading and a book you have read. You did an overall good job at following the requirements and getting the required points into your book blog.