Sunday, September 14, 2014

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Kyrsten Lampman
Composition 117

The Nazis
William. W. Lace
Lucent Books, 1998
111 pages

"Any study of the Nazis should begin with two questions. First, what aspects of German character and German history permitted them to gain control of a modern nation? Second, why were the Jews the special objects of the Nazis' hatred, targeted by them for extermination? (pg 13)

This book has so much more background information about the Holocaust than I've ever known. I thought I know so much more about this subject than I actually did after reading the first half of this book. It has taught me where the Jews originated from, Palestine. A lot of the beginning talks about Jesus and how the Middle East expelled the Jews. The Jews originally didn't get kicked out of Germany because before it was Germany, it was just a bunch of little states. Luther used to say that Jews were a "subhuman species" that would later be exterminated. Little did he know, the Nazis would take his teachings seriously.

Hitler was a VERY smart man. As a teenager he didn't have many friends because he was in the library almost all the time reading books. When he got older he took the term Nationalsozialistische, which means National Socialists in German, and that is how we call them Nazis today. Hitler himself was one-quarter Jewish, and to cover it up, he wanted to destroy the entire Jewish existance.


  1. It was interesting but you left out a few things. you didn't explain how the characters felt. I wasn't sure which genre this belonged to. Was there a story line or just a bunch of facts? Are there anymore books that go with this one? You forgot to include your opinion. you didn't really have much of a conclusion.

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  3. The blog did a good job of summarizing what the book was about, and it also had an interesting quote. It used good grammar, and I was able to understand it. It flowed very well with everything. There could have been more on how the themes connected to you. You also could have added what the quote was about into the blog.