Monday, September 29, 2014

Cody Wardell
Composition 105

Jeremy and Jennifer Williams with Rob Suggs
Copyright 2013 by Jeremy and Jennifer Williams
270 pages

“Jeremy would say that whether you are young and healthy or whether you, like him, have a little more than a shaky thumb, Jesus has you in his powerful grip, a grip that nothing can weaken, no one can threaten, no circumstances can overcome. Once you know how infinitely, eternally tenacious his grip is, then you, through faith, can have the same tenacious grip on him.”(266)

This story was a book that had some very sad events in it. But because of the strong faith of both Jennifer and Jeremy, the story has more positive accounts than negative ones. The Williams want every experience they go through to reflect God. Because of that, a very positive story emerges despite distressing circumstances. The love of family and God shines through in this story. They are concerned that people need to understand the only way to get through life, especially one as challenging as theirs, is to be a follower of Christ. I am glad I read this story. It is amazingly uplifting.
In the last half of this book, they talk a lot about Jeremy Williams’ job as a head football coach. In high school, Jeremy earned his spot on the football team playing free safety as just a freshman. He worked his way up through the depth chart over the season and he finally became the starter in the middle of the season and played it for all four years. He then went in to play college football. He played safety at the University of Memphis in 1990-1993. He had as much dedication then as he does as the head football coach at a school in a town of fewer than 1,000 people playing in small-school Class A since 2001.. He had led his teams to a 47-37 record and three state playoff appearances. Williams coached his squad to a perfect 10-0 regular-season record in 2009 and then they were eliminated by the eventual state champion in the second round of the playoffs to finish 11-1. Jeremy never ended up getting his team to a state championship but he made them a team with a championship attitude and because of this, he drew the attention of many people. Soon after, his team and their story was made into a national movie and had a large article written about them. The movie was called Season of a Lifetime. The article was published in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and was written by a sports writer named Michael Carvell. Jeremy’s passion for his team even when he faced the challenge of his ALS, is truly inspiring.

I give this book a great rating. I loved the last half of the book more because of all the football talk and stories and it made it easier for me to connect to than the first half. The book started out with a bang and it ended with a bang. I recommend this book to people who love inspirational or sports stories. This book truly inspired me to be thankful for all I have in life and to never take life for granted. This book has also told me to live each day to it’s fullest. This book was a true inspiration to me and if you read it, I believe it will be an inspiration to you and you will love every second of reading it just like I did.

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  1. Your quotation and first paragraph are overshadowed by the (too much) specific football statistics in the main paragraph. Balance these ideas, especially if the book is as inspirational as you describe it in the last paragraph.