Monday, September 29, 2014

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Ben Wellendorf
Composition 105

Marley & Me
John Grogan
HarperCollins Publisher, 2005
305 Pages

“But now I had a few minutes with him before the doctor returned.  I thought back over his 13 years--the destroyed furniture and goofy antics; the sloppy kisses and utter devotion.  All in all, not a bad run.   I didn’t want him to leave this world believing all his bad press.  I rested my forehead against his and said: ‘Marley, you are a great dog.’ ” (pg. 303)

The second part of Marley & Me was the telling of Marley as they grew older, and how Marley still stayed a riot until he passed.  Marley was there for the Grogan family through their thick and thin times, even though was still a dog that was eating everything, running through screen doors, and stealing women’s undergarments.  The Grogan family thought that maybe obedience school would help out with Marley being a nuisance; Marley got kicked out within the first week.  Even though Marley seemed like the biggest pain in the world, he still had a heavy heart for the Grogan family, and was by their side through their first pregnancy, which was huge plus in their life, and there for when they had a miscarriage, which broke their heart.  While they lived in Florida, Marley also experienced a stabbing.  A 17-year-old girl was stabbed in the middle of the night, and Marley heard the screams of her as she was stabbed, which alerted the Grogan family.  
When the time came for when Marley had to go, everyone was devastated.  Marley was their family member for many years, and even throughout the kids’ whole life.  This part hit hard at home, because I’ve experienced putting down a dog that was there throughout my whole childhood, and how hard it was for me.  Before we had Emmet, the chocolate labrador we have now, we had Hattie, who was also a chocolate labrador.  Hattie was our dog when I was born through when I was about eight or nine.  Hattie one morning woke up and had a stroke, so she could not move her back legs.  I remember seeing her struggle to walk, and trying to act like she was okay, even though everyone including her knew she wouldn’t be able to live like that.  I was so sad after my parents had to describe to me what they had to do for her to be in a “better place”.  I don’t even want to think about how bad it’ll be when I have to put Emmet down.  I got him for my birthday in sixth grade, and even though he reminds me a lot of Marley, I love him to death and it would be such a struggle for me to actual put him down.
Overall, I really liked this book and would suggest anyone to read it.  I haven’t seen the movie yet, but after reading this book, I would really like to watch the movie, too.  The book itself made me really sad in a sense, because it reminded me of my dog and having to put him down, but it also made me laugh because Marley sounded like my dog, Emmet.  

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  1. Sounds like a real tearjerker! Your personal reflections on your dog were good but overshadowed the book reflection somewhat.