Monday, September 15, 2014

Ghost Towns of the American West
Emily Koenck
Robert Silverberg
Thomas Y. Crowell Company 1968
Comp 105
294 pages
“Men now worship gold to the neglect of the gods. There was never enough gold in circulation to suit man’s needs, and so the quest was unending” - Propertius
This book was an interesting one about the old small towns and how they always migrated from place to place in search for a mining area. When there was nothing left to mine they would pick up and move to another location. There were so many towns that were just left in the dust to fall apart. I could relate to this book being I live in a small town community. I enjoyed all of the epic gun-slinging and bar fights they were explaining in such detail.

The stories from the American frontier can be traced by looking back at all the ghost towns. Ghost towns became very wealthy before they were abandoned. Old western movies have a certain perspective on the ghost towns, from focusing mainly on gun shootings and bar fights. The main purpose for the towns to turn ghost towns was from there not being anything to mine. So far, the book has been exciting to read about from them starting off in California, to them picking up to move to another area that they can start up a town and start mining.

I would recommend this book to someone who enjoys watching old time western movies. This book is a lot alike the old western movies except it has more of them mining instead of just fights. It has all the excitement of a western movie, so I recommend the book for someone who enjoys reading for the excitement.


  1. Very interesting just a spots where word choice could be changed to make the blog flow a little smother and maybe explain how it can relate to you a little more but all in all very good and very interesting

  2. I really like the quote you chose to begin the paragraph. I think that you should maybe give a few detailed examples of the bar fights or towns that moved from one place to another. Maybe give a theme to the book. Why do towns move from place to place? Why are people more focused on money than other things?