Sunday, September 28, 2014

Ghost Towns of the American West
Robert Silverberg                                                                               Emily Koenck
Thomas Y. Crowell Company 1968                                                      Comp 105
294 pages

“ This sandstone country beats all the boys, and it is amusing to see how excited they get when they go round to see the sheets of silver which are exposed all over the different reefs. . . . This is the most unfavorable looking country for mines that I have ever seen.”

Would you like to pick up all of your belongings once a month and move to a different houses all the time? Well, Barbee and Robert didn’t have a choice, because mining was making money and once everything was gone there was no money so they had to pick up and move all the time. Barbee was the main character of this book. Barbee and Robert traveled from town to town in search for the mines. Every town they settled down into to mine they wiped out the mines and Barbee, Robert, and the rest of their town picked up and moved to a different spot to start mining. Barbee was the kind of guy to start bar fights with people in the bar for no apparent reason.
Barbee and Robert had to deal with a lot of problems along the way with moving and mining. The problems they had to face was people rebelling to keep moving. Some of the town got tired of moving all the time and not living in a stable home. When Barbee and the rest of the town just left the people that wanted to stay, the people that wanted to stay soon realized it’s almost impossible living in the West with no money.
The book Ghost Towns of the American West doesn’t really connect to my life a whole lot, but the way it mostly connects would be because I have moved three time in my life. Barbee and Robert have moved a lot more times than I have, but I have also had to move between three different houses. My opinion of this book would be, it wasn’t as bad as I intended, but it wasn’t my favorite. The book was a little out dated to what I am use to reading, and it talks a lot about the old west and how times were then. I don’t know what it was like to live in the old west, so I thought it was very interesting how they had to go about life. I would recommend this book to a reader who would enjoy western movies, and older people.

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