Monday, September 15, 2014

Inside the Crips-Jacob Kelly

Jacob Kelly
Colton Simpson
St. Martin’s Press 2005

“Art comes from pain and suffering.” Inside the Crips features an inside view into the gang called the Crips. They are a major gang made of different sects of people who consider themselves “bangers”. This gang is always at odds with another gang called the Bloods. While controlling hundreds of blocks between the two gangs, they constantly fight for more territory to distribute their major drug operation.
The Crips are an African-American gang located in Los Angeles. They make sure to recognize each other by wearing the color blue, and replacing the letter c with the letter b in some words.
This book talks about a young Colton Simpson who joins the Crips at age ten, and slowly learns the gang life. He starts out with initiation and is beaten into the gang. They bring him along on several drive-bys and they bring him to a gas station and convince him to kill several Bloods. He slowly slips more and more into the gang life, doing drive-bys and killing other gang’s members to own up to the Crips name, while slowly losing himself along the way.


  1. Jacob, this sounds like a very interesting book. The quote at the beginning definitely caught my eye, and I feel it's very fitting to this story. You did a great job at summarizing and giving the general ideas. Also, you used some good examples and explained Colton Simpson and his importance. Your blog may need to be longer (at least a page) and a great way to do that is to include your response. You need to include more response to balance out the summarizing aspect in your blog. Other than that, this sounds like a great book that you understand well!

  2. The book does seem interesting. You did a great jog giving detail on the background of the book. It gives a great start for anyone wanting to read the book. You need more of a personal response and maybe include a question people could think about. It sounds like you really understand the book. The blog could be a little longer, otherwise, it is a nice summary.