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Lincoln's Generals                                                                                                            Millicent Cameron
Gabor S. Boritt                                                                                                                     Composition 1
Oxford University Press 1994
198 pages

"not a bold man. Has not a nerve to differ with his party and its leaders.... O Mc you and I know L and we know that he can not face the opposition which would rise if he were to take the right stand.... I tell you it is impossible for him to lead...."
(page 6)

This quotation was made in January 1861 by John M. Douglas for George McClellan assuming that he shared the same views on the president.

In this reading it talks about post-war happenings between Lincoln and some generals. The book talks about several situations between or about them. The book gives many opinions on how they felt about several views. The book also gives a detailed background on who all these men are and what role they play in this particular part of history. It dates back to war and post-war times discussing several issues. The book also gives some behind the scenes happenings during the war.

The generals were McClellan, Hooker, Meade, Sherman, and Grant. Each were important and had impressive credentials. With having great military backgrounds along with being several places and participating in many battles. Along with these generals was President Lincoln, whom is the main character of this reading.

This book regards to several decisions made during the war, but mainly decisions made by President Lincoln. The book talks about several events going on during the war. Why they did what they did, what they did, and how they did it. Major plans that were made during war are discussed.

This particular view focuses on this general's view on Lincoln. The view seemed as if he didn't have subtle view on Lincoln's leadership. In the book they mention somewhat of why Lincoln said and did what he did. The book talks about the debate of slavery and what they did about it.

When first reading that particular quotation I wondered why someone would say something like that about an important historical figure as Lincoln. Maybe at the time the general was right about Lincoln. Who knows if he was really prepared for what was about to happen.

Whether or not he really was, the result turned out well. Many of of these kinds of debates were made in the book. Not necessarily about Lincoln, but about the decisions made before, during, and after the war.
I can take this quotation into other proportions and say that even earlier or later in history. Comparing whether many leaders were ready for anything they had to do.

This seemed like some people like this general weren't confident with Lincoln, but that can be with any leader. Everyone has their own opinion and not everyone will agree all the time. It just surprises me that someone would make a quote like that. What is your opinion?

Another quotes from this reading: "When the day of adjustment comes," he told his wife, " I will.... throw my sword into the scale to force an improvement in the condition of those poor blacks."
(page 43)

This quotation was stated by General McClellan. At this point the general was finally realizing what needed to be done. He didn't realize the conditions at first.

This reading makes me think sometimes, how much of a bad situation it takes for someone to do something about it. Whether what any kind of change is for, it seems as if it takes the absolute most before something is done. Many times it will take a great person to finally stand up to change a bad situation, which is what Lincoln did. Despite the first quote, many people saw Lincoln as an outstanding leader, whether they all agreed with his views all the time or not.

"go forward, and give us victories."
(page 59)

This quotation was included in one of General Hooker's letters. The reading talked about all the men they were losing and how they needed to stay strong. Despite the awful things happening at war, they all needed to stay strong and continue to fight.

This makes me especially appreciate what my country has done for me. No matter what war it was all those men had to stay strong and focus on the war. 

Along with these quotations, this book includes letters between the characters in the book. The letters also give detail on specific things that happened in the war. The letters talked about when generals were switched or different reports they had throughout the war.

All this information amazes me on how much history can be in one situation to the next. Just in this book, so far, it has introduced a few important people involved in the war along with someone as important as Lincoln. The book includes plethora of quotes from all these generals and the president about how they really felt about everything going on in the war.

The controversy between all of them is interesting because a lot of the time they didn't agree with each other or didn't think they were right for what they did. One little quotation out of the book reveals a lot about the many thoughts of what was going on.

The book, so far, is very interesting. All the quotations and details included in the book, make me think differently on some situations in history. How these leaders made their decisions and why they did. What really happened sometimes. It's interesting to hear the actual thoughts of these people who were actually there when all these life-changing situations were happening in our country.

Some questions to think about would be: What are your thoughts on Lincoln?, What affects did his views have on these situations?, How did his decisions really affect us?, Why did some of these generals think the way they did?, What was their reasoning for what they said?, and How has this history affected you?


  1. I like how you include your emotions and opinions on this one. You seem like you enjoy(or at least understand) this book and you did a good job of explaining it.Also good use of quotes. I don't see any mistakes so good job.

  2. Very good blog, Millicent. I feel you did an excellent job on using relevant quotes. You not only used good quotes, but also you made them quotes you could relate to. You did an excellent job of explaining Lincoln and his generals, and you proved in your summarizing that you know what's happening. You did a great job of using the quotes in your blog and referring to them at times. I only found a couple grammatical errors dealing with ellipses; check over your ellipses in paragraph one as well as paragraph ten. Otherwise, this appears to be a well-written blog.