Sunday, September 28, 2014

Lincoln’s Generals                                                                                            Millicent Cameron Gabor S. Boritt                                                                                                  Comp. 3
Oxford University Press 1994
198 pages

“You are strong enough to attack and defeat the enemy before he can effect a crossing. Act upon your own judgement and make your generals execute your order. Call no council of war. It is proverbial that councils of war never fight. . . . Do not let the enemy escape.”
(page 103)

This quotation, made by Halleck, is an example of what the rest of the book is about. The rest of the book gives different viewpoints of what people said or thought during the war. Whether they were letters, orders, or some information on what was happening.

In the book, some other quotations will say something like: “the best standing points were ankle deep in mud, and the roads half-way to the knee. . . .” (page103). This quotation and others tell what the war was really like.

Other quotations said something like: “They have but little courage!” (page 103) or “subdued and sad” man, but “calm and resolute” (page 106). In the book, when these quotations were stated, it would talk about how people involved in the war really felt about how the war was going. It would state how discouraged or encouraged people felt while fighting in the war.

Along with all of these quotations, many other details were stated on where people were while they were fighting. Before a quotation, they would give you a kind of setting that had to do with that certain quotation.  

This was a great book. It gave interesting perspectives on what happened during the war. It was interesting reading not just about straight facts, but reading specific quotes from people who were actually there and had something to do with the war. It gave nicely-detailed settings of where people were and what kind of state they were in at the point they made a specific quotation. It is a great book to read if you like to read about war history and read actual quotations from people who lived it.

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  1. Good selection of quotations, but I would like to see more follow up discussion of their significance in the overall book, since that was the focus of the book.