Sunday, September 28, 2014

Noah Wittrock
Composition 117

The Tiger's Child
Torey Hayden
Simon & Schuster Inc., 1995
127 Pages

        "For a short, shining moment, color was sovereign. The wet asphalt of the roadgleamed black against the sudden gold of the sunlit wheat. Beyond the ruffling grain rose dark remains of the storm clouds, pierced by a rainbow. Only a very short part of the rainbow was visible; there was not even enough to form a clear arc, but that small section shimmered brilliantly above the restless wheat." (p. 128)
       I included this quote because it showed how great the details are in this book. The details help convey the authors point and bring color into the reading. The author uses these details a lot which helps make the book more interesting and keeps me interested. If it weren't for good detail, readers would become board and stop reading.
      In the second half of the book, there is even more going on. Sheila and Torey are still spending time together. At the beginning of the second half they are in a hotel. They decide to take advantage of the pool and while they are looking at the stars Sheila seems depressed. She is unhappy with herself. They talk about it but come the next morning everything is back to normal.
     Later they go to the house of a man who used to be with Torey and helped Sheila. They go and meet his wife and kids; but it all turns into one big disaster. After causing a scene at supper Torey leaves angry. When they arrive back at the hotel room Sheila and Torey get into and arguement. Sheila tells Torey that she messed up her life because Torey made her realize how bad her life really was when they first met. Sheila storms off and Torey has to go find her.
     Sheila is helping Torey with her summer program and seems to be having a good time. It is the last day and they were doing a messy project for fun. One of the kids who Sheila had taken an interest in was dirty so they were going to wash up. Now they can't find either so they are looking. They still can't find them. They called the police and Sheila's dad came in. The police are asking him a lot of questions including if she was a "runner" or not. He says that she wasn't until she was molested by one of the men running one of the foster homes she had been in.
     Sheila and the child showed up at Torey's late that night. Torey calls the child's parents and they come to pick him up. The next morning when She wakes up, Torey tells her there is a lot to sort out. Sheila says she doesn't want to go home. After time past Sheila had been gone and Torey hadn't heard from her. Torey is going to take a trip to Wales.
     When she comes back she finds a letter from Sheila saying that she is going to kill herself. She finds out it was sent over a month ago. She is shocked. Sheila writes to her again down the road saying that she is sorry and that she is still alive. Again they get in touch but Sheila dissppears again.
     At they end Sheila and Torey come back into contact and begin to try to sort out Sheila's life. She is about to graduate and has a lot to figure out but they're going to do it together.

   This book was interesting. It had a lot of detail which allowed me to keep interest. There were a few of parts that seemed to be confusing because the author would say something that seemed like it was a big deal and wouldn't explain anymore about it. Other than that I liked it. It was a little different than what I usually read but it was still good.

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  1. Blog begins well--good selection and explanation of the quotation. Most of the rest is just plot summary. Reflection needs development--what were the "few parts" and why/how is it "different" from what you usually read?