Monday, September 15, 2014

The Blind Side Marshall Owen
Michael Lewis Composition 117
W.W. Norton & Company, Inc 2006
299 pages/ 145
“From the snap of the ball to the snap of the first bone is closer to four seconds then to five.” This quotation is the first sentence in the book, very simple yet very meaningful. The quotation refers to when the left tackle on the offensive line missed a block and the quarterback got hurt. Within a half a second when playing football your whole life can change; playing offensive lineman I know the responsibility that comes with my position if I miss a block my quarterback is not going to feel good because there is usually a big guy rushing through the line at full speed to hit him. Michael Oher has to play the same way, block to protect the quarterback. Mike is one of the few main characters in the book The Blind Side. He is a homeless boy who is very big, not just big but big and fast. Tom Lemming a scout for many college recruiters had to watch Mike’s film a few times because “No one who is that big should be able to move that fast.” The Tuohy family is also a major part in the book. They help Mike get into school and help him learn to read and write. They treat Mike like one of their own in a sense. They let him do activities like their kids do and they buy him nice possessions that he wants. Mike’s biggest problem is that he came from a bad family and didn't really know his family very well. It makes it hard for any kid to go through life without a family or even part of a family. Mike gets accepted into the Christian school and gets to play football which he becomes very good at playing.
I would recommend this book to anyone. Even if they weren't into sports or football, it teaches about life and how even someone who has nothing can get a little help and become a huge somebody. It teaches that in life money doesn't always mean you're going to be the best, it just means you can buy nice fancy possessions. To me family is the most important impact in anyone's life. Family should always be there for you no matter what the situation is. Family and friends are the key to a successful life.


  1. Good use of examples from the book. I think that there needs to be more analysis of the book instead of all examples. Maybe give an example of what you think the theme of the book is. In the last paragraph you have a lot of different themes but maybe just choose one major theme.

  2. Your heading is all wrong, your book title needs to be italicized. explain if the book is a prequel, sequel, or part of a series.