Monday, September 29, 2014

The Blind Side
Michael Lewis
W.W Norton & Company 2006
153 Pages
Marshall Owen
Composition 105

"I feel like I could a did  something, if I were to start over and do it again. I didn't know how close I was. All I had to do was knock on the NFL door."

             This quote tells me that he gave up his dreams so that he didn't have to work at sports and school as much. This quote came from Michel Oher's older brother who dropped out of school to start his family. When Zach took his brother Mike on the basketball court he was amazed by his performance. Mike's troubles in the second half of the Blind Side is that he can't decide what college to pick to play football at. Mike has a lot of pressure on him because a lot of good schools want him but he also wants to make his family happy and go to a school they like. I believe this can be a tough situation for any person to deal with because they want to do what is right for them as well as what is right for their family. Mike also has to talk to the NCAA and during this meeting he gets very frustrated with all of the questions being asked and takes off and goes and hides. Mike is worried that he is doing the wrong thing and won't make his family happy. In a way I feel sorry for Mike he has never had to deal with this much pressure and probably doesn't know what to do to make himself happy. It seems as though when things get tough for him he would rather just go and hide and let it pass weather then fight the problem and over come the situation.

             Blind side is one of my favorite books I like to see myself as Mike and being able to just handle people on the football field like they are not even there. I wish I was as good at football as Mike and have to go through the recruiters and have them want me to play on their team as badly as they wanted Mike. In my opinion everyone is recommend to read this book, it just touches me to see a family that can take in someone who has nothing and raise them to be a big name football player who can get free ride scholarships to big schools to play football. This book can teach a lot of life lessons like have faith and to never let go of something you have.

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  1. Good connection to the main character in the book. Could be developed further. Conventions need work, especially missing commas and run on sentences.