Monday, September 29, 2014

Jazmin Cruz
Comp 3

The Lost Childhood                                                                                                            
Yehuda Nir                                                                                                                                     Scholastic Press, 2002
283 Pages

"I wondered how much time I had left to live. One week , maybe two at best, if they took me to an extermination camp like Buchenwald or Ravensbruck." (227) This quotation by Yehuda Nir, was a great one that he thought about every day of his life since the war started.
     The main character, Yehuda has just turned thirteen years old and he has gone through so much already. He has lost father, his friends, and has almost lost his life numerous times. Finally, after a couple years later his mother, sister, and himself are able to find a place to stay and jobs. They are all actually working for Germans so they have to keep their guard up at all times. Many different times they are scared for their lives and whether or not they are all going to make it another day, but they do. All of them try to make every single day of their life count because they don't know when could be their last day. Although, there was one time when his mother and sister actually did caught while they were making their way home to see some family to let them know they were alright, but they made their way out of it!
     Once things were actually going well, Yehuda's mother decides that they should have a small birthday party for Yehuda since they haven't been able to do much with hiding and everything. The birthday party goes well and everyone had fun. For once everyone was able to forget about the war going on and that they were all in danger. Soon after the birthday party, bombings started to occur more and more frequently which was scaring everyone. Luckily, no one was hurt by them. Another book that The Lost Childhood reminds me of is The Book ThiefThe Book Thief is about World War II and it talked about bombings and how people had to go and hide to be safe and not get hit by them.
     Just like in the beginning of the book, The Lost Childhood keeps me on my toes. Whenever I think that Yehuda or one of his friends or family members might die, they seem to always get out it. They have been having some really good luck considering everything they have gone through together. Once the Russian army started to come in and people were fleeing to American-occupied territory, things started to really look up, for most of Yehuda's family and friends.
     All in all, The Lost Childhood was a really great book. I love it. I also love all the historical information about World War II that is given in the book. I also really liked how the main character, Yehuda Nir made me feel like I was actually there, and a part of the book. He was so descriptive about everything that happened to him and he had some flashbacks of how his life was before the war, which made me feel awful because he and millions of other people didn't deserve to be treated how they were during World War II.

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  1. Good connection to The Book Thief. Could add more specific examples for support in your reflection.