Monday, September 15, 2014

The Pigman and Me   Gunner C
Paul Zindel   Comp. 117
Paul Zindel, 1991
168 pages

“Eight hundred fifty three horrifying things had happened to me by the time I was a teenager.” (p.1) This quote was what led me into the book. This is so because many teens such as myself think that they have many problems going on in their lives.
This book already seems pretty interesting considering I do not like autobiographies. The book The Pigman and Me is about a family including: a mom who can’t seem to keep a job or a place to live, a daughter who is well aware of her mother’s mistakes which she accepts, and the main character who is the narrator. The narrator Paul Zindel is also aware of his mothers problems. The family is constantly on the move considering their mother’s problems. When the family moves to Travis, a small Polish community, the children’s mother thinks that this time it is different. When they first arrive at the house the children are surprised to see cockroaches that are about six inches long. Almost instantly Paul and Betty did not like the looks of the place considering the insect problem.
What the children were really shocked by is that their mother did not actually plan on renting the house; she planned on buying it. Connie, a somewhat friend of their mothers, came to the Zindel’s home one night with her two twin boys needing a place to go because her husband left and moved to Paris. Paul’s mom was happy to hear that Connie had eight hundred dollars in her bank account. The two ladies talked and finally decided to Co-sign on the new house and share it. The Zindel family was to live upstairs and Connie and her children to live downstairs.
Paul finally met his Pigman. Nonna Mammie and Nonno Frankie, Connie’s Parent’s, showed up to the home to help the family move in. Nonno Frankie really like’s Paul and spends quite a bit of time with him. Nonno Frankie is Paul’s pigman.
I would like to recommend this book to people thirteen and up because it does talk a lot about child hood and mostly teenage years. This book is pretty good and even keeps me interested.


  1. What is a pigman? Good summary and examples. Could talk more about the theme. The leading quotation sparked my curiosity.

  2. The summary of the book seemed really good though there are a couple things that are not that quite clear. Also I think you could have put in a bit more of an opinion of the book as well as a what audience would enjoy this book.