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The Pigman and Me   Gunner C
Paul Zindel   Comp. 117
Paul Zindel, 1991
168 pages

“I stopped a few feet away from him and put my fists up”. This quote describes exactly how Paul is. Paul is an independent and smart kid. Although he did not want to fight he had to defend himself
Since summer is ending Paul has to go to start school in Travis. Paul already knows that not too many of the kids will like him at school. Since Paul is not Polish he knows he will be discriminated against considering that Travis is a primarily Polish community.
When Paul gets to school he is hated immediately and during gym he hits a boy with a baseball bat and the boy wants to fight Paul on Monday. Paul is afraid to fight this young man and Turns to Nonno Frankie for help. Nonno teaches him his way of fighting and hopes the best for Paul. Monday at school a group of children surround Paul and the boy he is about to fight. Paul unfortunately loses the fight and is beaten up pretty bad.
Paul is spending more and more time with his Pigman Nonno Frankie. Nonno helps Paul overcome a lot of his problems with his advice. Paul is very grateful of Nonno and appreciates him and looks up to him.
Paul’s mother is starting to have a hard time in Travis because she got puppies and now can not sell them. This is simply because no one wants a puppy around the Travis area especially from the Zindel family considering that the Zindel family is not Polish and the community they live in is a Polish community.
Connie and Paul’s mom get into a spat because she was telling Paul about sex and Paul’s mother is very against speaking about this topic. The fight gets so out of hand that the Zindel family is going to move along to yet another town to try to find a new home. Paul at the end seems pretty upset because he was just becoming comfortable in Travis. Just as he was starting to get along with kids at school and making friends his mother’s behavior forces them to move on.
This book was interesting. At times, it did not even feel as if it was a bibliography. In fact, often it felt as if the book was more of a fiction book. Fiction books are usually plotted to have a climax that will put the reader in ooh and awe. This book didn’t quite do that but on the other hand it was not as factually and “boring” as most people would consider a non-fiction book.
The Pigman and Me would be a good book for any teenager. This book is written in Paul Zindel’s POV and he is a teenager with some struggles. Most teenagers have struggles that they go through every day just like Paul. That is why this is being recomended for that age group.
There are many questions that the author could be asked. These questions just have to do with the Zindel family”s life and they probably have no real answer other than “that is just how life goes”. People say that because they have no clue what could happen next and when something bad happens, such as the Zindel’s not being able to sell their puppies and having to move from Travis, they stay optimistic and move on.

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