Monday, September 29, 2014

Zach Riddle Outliers The Story of Success

Zach Riddle
Composition 105

Outliers The Story of Success
Malcolm Gladwell
Little, Brown and Company, 2008
308 Pages

“Hard work is a prison sentence only if it does not have meaning.” (150)

When Malcolm Gladwell talks about hard work, it makes perfect sense. If you do not enjoy what you are doing, all the work that you are doing is going to seem pointless and you will not enjoy it. For example, when Gladwell is talking about people who have been successful, he talks about how much these people enjoyed doing the work in that specific field. It makes it much easier to get to that ultimate goal of ten thousand hours if you enjoy what you are doing. Hard work is not the only thing that contributes to being successful.
Outliers The Story Of Success talks about how important your original family ties are. Teachers will always tell you about how you decide your own destiny and what you want to do as a person, and that is true to a certain point. Where you come from especially determines how successful you are going to be as an individual. Gladwell gives a few specific examples that support his theory. This first family have a small Tailor/Garment Shop. The original parents work hard for what they have and teach the importance of hard work to their children. The Children then also become Garment Makers but they are much more successful because they already had the work and experience working with the parents in the original Garment Shops. The children of the successful Garment shop owners then become professional Lawyers. The hard work is passed down through the generations which contributes to the success of the people.
His next example was a family of leather tanners. They have three children and they all become bag manufacturers. The three bag manufacturers have a total of five children between them. Out of the five children, two become doctors and three become lawyers. This is a phenomenal success rate for that family. The children learned how to be successful through the hard work instilled into them by their parents. “He’d had to make his way alone, and no one-not rock stars, not professionals athletes, not software billionaires, and not even geniuses- ever makes it alone.” (115)
No one ever makes it alone no matter what people say. The story of the families and how success was passed down through generations in the form of hard work. I think that hard work and having a good work ethic is one of the most essential characteristics of being successful. Gladwell shows that it is important through the examples of the families and they hard work they gave in order for their family to be successful. This book gave great examples of people who became successful and how they got to the position that they got to. I believe that if you read this book and use the tools that it gives you in every day life, you will become successful.

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  1. Good plot summary. Can you apply the lessons of family influence to your own life?