Sunday, October 12, 2014

Book Blog #3

Hayley Boes
Composition 105

Crash the Chatterbox
Steven Furtick
Multnomah Books, 2014
105 pages

“Although the chatter is never going to stop, we can learn to accept that it doesn’t have the power to stop us from fulfilling God’s purpose in the world.” Page 45

Crash the Chatterbox by Pastor Steven Furtick was written in order to help people overcome the noise of today’s world and focus on finding the voice of God. The voice inside our head, also known as “the chatterbox”, sometimes hurts us or prevents us from fulfilling God’s purpose in the world (as stated in the quote above). Pastor Furtick begins the book by explaining what the chatterbox is. He explains how it would be easier to have a little devil and a little angel on each of his shoulders so that he could just ignore the devil on one shoulder and listen to the angel on the other shoulder. But that’s not how the chatterbox works. The chatterbox is a jumble of thoughts, some positive and some negative, that is constantly in action. The Enemy can make its home in this jumble of noise if we don’t learn to control what we listen to and what we ignore in this mess. Pastor Furtick breaks the book up into four parts to help us overpower the lies of the Enemy in our insecurities, in our fears, in our condemnations, and in our discouragements.

In the first section of Crash the Chatterbox, Pastor Furtick uses the analogy of an audition to resemble God’s unconditional love for us. He tells us to cancel the audition because it’s unnecessary. God loves us no matter what. Pastor Furtick explains that there is no need to impress anyone in this earthly world because the only satisfaction we need is from God, and that satisfaction is given unconditionally. The Enemy is constantly trying to weaken our bond with God and makes us feel insecure in God’s love for us. Pastor Furtick uses examples from the Bible, such as the serpent in the Garden of Eden, to explain how the Enemy tries to lure Christians into straying away from God’s Word and feel insecure about that unconditional love from God.

In the second section of Crash the Chatterbox, Pastor Furtick discusses how the Enemy uses fear in order to lure Christians away from the paths of righteousness. The “What-ifs” consume our minds, make us hide in fear, and keep us from fulfilling God’s purpose. Pastor Furtick reassures us of God’s power and how much He is willing to protect us from the Enemy. We are to overcome fear by trusting in our Lord and understanding his power and will to protect us. When we reach the bottom, cowering in fear, God helps us get back up and on the right track again.

I have had a fairly easy life so far with no major traumatic events. I am grateful for the life I’ve been given. I understand that there are so many different troubles that millions of people face everyday, whether that be poverty, death, sickness, etc. I know that I will face tough times in my life and that’s why I’m reading this book. This book teaches me how to face those fears and overcome those obstacles while maintaining my relationship with God. I would recommend this book for Christians struggling with hardships in their life. With such motivational messages and moving examples, this book is great for those who need a little extra inspiration in their daily lives.

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  1. Interesting concept of the "chatterbox." Even though you have had a relatively easy life, can you make any specific connections to what you have read so far to expand your reflection?