Monday, October 6, 2014

Book blog version 2

Jacob Kelly
Colton Simpson
St. Martin’s Press 2005

“The tumbling dominoes of my life events lose their velocity.” This quote is taken from near to the end of the book. Colton’s life is slowly crashing down around him, like waves crashing and eroding away a rock wall. motion is a major key to this part of the story. It all depends about how you feel about Colton. He was a gangster, and a murderer, but I feel sympathetic for him. Gangbanging is just a way of life in Los Angeles, plus he didn’t have a decent home life at all, and that could’ve helped push him into the gang life. I think the quote above means that Colton Simpson’s life is starting to slow down from his hardcore gangbanging life, to being in prison, to being set free and trying to be a good person outside of prison. Colton is controlling operations of the Crips cell that he controls from prison, while he has help from his various underlings. Shorty(his best friend) has an asthma attack in his cell and the guards kill him for being a “pig killa.” During Colton’s incarceration, the world is constantly changing. His friends are dying in drive-by’s or shoot outs. His girlfriend got married and had a kid. His aunt who saw the Colton side, not the gangbanger side, passed away from blood cancer.
The Colton side was a lot different from his gangbanger side. It’s nice and sweetly innocent, very unlike his gangbanger, murderously violent side.
A mixture between his aunt passing and his best friend Shorty dying, Colton goes into a deep depression in prison. After 15 years in prison Colton finally gets out and gets a nice job. He stays out of the hood. He goes to a car show when he’s thirty-three years old and sees an officer from one of the correctional facilities he was in.
“Crip is who I am, but God is who I love. Death is what life brings, but life is what I bang for. Harlem is my dedication, but faith is my obligation. If I die, let my life not be in vain. Let no man judge me but God.”

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  1. This STILL needs your reflection--not just plot summary. What did you get out of the book? How did the author's style of writing affect you? the story? the characters? etc.