Monday, October 13, 2014

Cody Wardell
Composition 105

Brian Piccolo: A Short Season
by Jeannie Morris
Copyright 1971 by Rand McNally & Company
154  pages

“Don’t forget absence makes the heart grow fonder.”(32)

This quote comes from a letter that Brian Piccolo wrote to his wife but his eventual wife Joy Murrath. He had written this letter to her in a time where they would go their separate places to college. Brian going to Wake Forest and she was going to nursing school in Atlanta. They had been high school sweethearts from the start. Brian knew in high school that one day, Joy would be his wife. Brian had a passionate heart and he truly loved Joy.
Not only was Brian Piccolo passionate about Joy, he had a heart for the game of football. The first half of the book is about his life in high school and college. It also talks about Brian’s illness. This book was marvelously written by Brian's close friend, Jeannie Morris. This book gives the readers a detailed view into his existence while still being closed enough for the Piccolo family to remain happy with the biography/autobiography. Running back, Brian Piccolo, lived to be only 26 years of age, dying on June 16, 1970, from liver cancer. While his stay on this Earth was a brief and trying one, Piccolo made it count every single day. His story is of highs and lows, heroics and disappointments, comedy and despair, and, ultimately, tragedy. However, Piccolo lived his life ideally, paying tributes to various foundations while enjoying and loving life to the fullest. The first half of the book builds him up as a funny but also serious person. It gives both sides of Brian Piccolo on and off the field
I give this book a great rating so far. The first half of the book is inspiring. The book draws me in and the story line keeps building up and stays interesting. I recommend this book to anyone who loves football or just wants to be inspired. I can’t wait to read the next half of this book.

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