Monday, October 13, 2014

Emily Koenck book blog #3

The Pregnancy Project
By Gaby Rodriguez with Jenna Glatzer
Simon and Schuster Co. 2012
216 pages
over 107 pages
“ She nevered tried to hide her mistakes; she figured that the best way to guide me was to keep communication open. It worked. I realized early on that, even though I loved all of them, I didn’t want to follow in the footsteps of my family members.”  What she was saying in this quote is important to the story because it’s what the whole story is about. Gabby doesn’t want to end up like her family so she pushes herself to do well in school and participate in activities so she betters herself.
Gabby is a seventeen year old girl who doesn’t want to end up like her seven siblings and also like her mother. Her mother got pregnant at the age of fourteen and dropped out of high school and started working so she could save money to support the baby. The baby dad stayed a while, he was much older than Gabby’s mother, and they got married and had six more children together. The father of Gabby’s siblings abused her mother and was an alcoholic. He filed for divorce so he could have custody of the children just so Gabby’s mother couldn’t have them. He didn’t care at all. After the father dumped all the kids Gabby’s mom soon returned to them and took them in and they all lived under one roof. Gabby’s mom worked all the time and one night she went out she met Gabby’s father and soon after she found out she was pregnant with Gabby.
When Gabby was about seven years old she had to start babysitting her nieces and nephews. Her sisters and brothers all had children in high school and had to drop out so they could start working. Her sister Jessica, which was the closest sibling to her age, was pregnant at the age of fifteen and wanted to party every night. Gabby ended up having to babysit and care for a baby that wasn’t even hers. Gabby had to get up at night on school nights to take care for her sister’s baby. Gabby had over thirty nieces and nephews by the time she was seventeen.
Growing up and taking care of her sibling’s babies she knew she didn’t want that life for her. Gabby wanted to make her mother proud and show her that all her mother has accomplished in life has paid off and she wanted to graduated high school not being pregnant and to go to college. Gabby and her mother are very open with each other and Gabby tells her everything and her mother tells Gabby about her life as well. Her mother doesn’t want to hide anything from Gabby, she wants her to know how much of a struggle it is to become a teen mother and to show her how much her life will change. Her mother always told her, “ education is the key to success.”

This book is very inspirational and it teaches teens that it’s not okay to get pregnant in high school and to go further with education. It shows what a struggle it would be like to be pregnant and how much stress you have to go through. Gabby tells the truth about what it was like caring for her sibling’s kids, she doesn’t candy coat it and say it’s a wonderful thing. She will tell you what it was really like when she starts to fake a pregnancy.

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