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The Pregnancy Project                                                                                                        Emily Koenck
By Gaby Rodriguez                                                                                                               Composition 3
216 pages
             " Same with any other type of 'family curse.' If your parents smoke, don't pick up a cigarette. If your parents are obese, work hard to exercise and eat right so you don't follow in their footsteps. But some people find it easier to play the victim. They do whatever bad behaviors or bad habits they want to because they think they have a built-in defense- 'I grew up this way."
              This quote is an important one because it is what the whole books is about. Gaby was a fifteen year old girl who grew up in a household where her mom and her siblings all were either pregnant at fifteen or got a girl pregnant in high school. By the way Gaby's mother talked to her about all the struggles that she faced while having to care for a baby at such a young age. Gaby knew she didn't want to be like her mother. She didn't look at her mother with shame but with admiration. She was proud that she did all that she has done for her family. Gaby wanted to make her mother proud and by doing so she stayed busy and joined as many after school activities and took advanced classes.
                 Gaby was at a young age when she started to baby sit for her older sister who became pregnant at the age of fifteen. Gaby's sister Jessica wanted to go out and be with her friends and party instead of care for her child. Gaby was always the one to baby sit and get up with the baby and change her and feed her. She knew it was wrong to cover for her sister Jessica. Gaby would do this on a school night and would be completely exhausted the next day. She was finally sick of it and told her mother and her mom made Jessica with find a sitter or stay with her daughter. Gaby knew right after that experience  she was never going to be like that.
`               Gaby wanted to do an assignment for school to experiment. She decided to fake a pregnancy. People thought she was going to be like her family anyway so she decided she was curious what her outcome would be. She told people she was pregnant and gradually started to wear pregnant belly. When Gaby told her mom that she was "pregnant" her mother was crushed, she thought she taught her better. While Gaby was faking her pregnancy she documented how she was getting dirty looks and mean comments of people calling her a "slut." She was so confused why people were calling her that. She wondered, " Do they even know the definition of slut?" She was saying how a slut was a woman who slept with numerous men. Everyone knew she had a boyfriend, so even if she was pregnant it would have been with one guy. She documented the awful words and definitions beside them.
                If I were in Gaby Rodriguez's situation I wouldn't have went through with it as long as she did. She was very strong and not taking anyone's mean words to heart. She was deep into her project and wanted to finish is out. I would have caved in and told that the whole pregnancy was fake. I give Gaby a lot of credit for doing what she did. She wanted to know why people judge teen moms as if they could do a better job.
               I would definitely recommend this book to all girl teenagers. It is a good lesson to want to stay in school and try your hardest on everything. It is a good life lesson knowing you can accomplish anything unless you set your mind to it. Gaby is an inspirational woman and everyone should learn from her experience.

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