Monday, October 13, 2014

Giants of Jazz                                                                                                    Millicent Cameron
Studs Terkel                                                                                                      Comp. 3
Thomas Y. Crowell Company - New York                                                       Blog 3
197 pages

“I’m satisfied where I am. I can play all the pool I want. I can see the White Sox play ball at Comiskey Park, just a stone’s throw away. I can play the blues the way I want. Who needs New York?”
(page 15)

This quotation is giving a slight background about what this book is about. The book is about the blues and jazz, “The Giants of Jazz” in other words. The book talks about many different people who really brought jazz and blues to popular music. Some of them being Louis Armstrong, Joe Oliver, Bessie Smith, Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday, and many others.

The book gives some kind of background on who these people were, how they started, and what they did to make jazz and blues well-known. It talks about how they would have times when they would just sit around and people would listen. Jazz and Blues affected them in a different way. It also talks about some songs they made famous or wrote. The book talks about how amazing these people were and how much people loved to listen to them. In the book, some other quotations from other people said how they thought that they were some of the greatest cornetist ever.

So far, I really enjoy this book. It talks about types of music that I really enjoy and talks about the incredible who made these types of music famous. It’s amazing what kind of music they played and how talented they were. The book gives some nice background on who these people are, how they affected people, and how they made it. It’s nice to read about their own perspectives and other people’s perspectives on how they were and what they thought about the music. I always wonder if they were every discouraged or what got them started on playing?

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  1. In your background paragraph add some specific details and examples of these musicians and their skills. In your response paragraph, relate to specific types of music you enjoy and the musicians' perspectives.