Thursday, October 30, 2014

Giants of Jazz                                                                                                    Millicent Cameron
Studs Terkel                                                                                                      Comp. 3
Thomas Y. Crowell Company - New York                                                       Blog 4
197 pages

“Mozart . . . Brahms . . . Haydn . . . they have written great works for the clarinet. Some day you will play the masterworks of these geniuses.” (page 104)

In this part of the book the musicians talk about how they want to write and play famous music just like the composers listed above. The musicians talk about this a lot; they talk about how they want to be able to write music that will be well-known. They talk about playing music all around. As in the beginning of the book, this part of the book also continues telling about the backgrounds of these famous musicians. The book tells more stories of all these musicians and how each of their careers started off small. It talks about how each of them started off with small performances and worked their way up to where they were.

By reading the rest of this book, I learned a lot about many famous musicians. They each had their own great stories of how they worked their way to be who they wanted to be. They each had their own ways of getting to where they wanted to get. Some questions that came to mind were: What gave them the motivation to do what they wanted to do? and Did they get what they wanted out of what they did?

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