Monday, October 13, 2014

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My Journey from Fan to NFL Team Captain Invincible Vince Papale with chad Milliman

“When you don’t make the cut you’ll be back here with the rest of us” is a quote that Vince Papale heard in his head and from some locals often when trying out for his favorite NFL team, the Philadelphia Eagles.
Vince Papale had nothing going for him in his home town city Philadelphia. He was working long hours when ever he had the chance because he was short on cash and needed a change in his life but did not know where to begin.
When Vince heard that the Eagles were holding tryouts he didn’t really even consider trying out for the team. The Eagles’ record the last couple of years was not that good and his friends convinced him to give it a shot. Surprisingly enough Vince made the first cut and the rest of them as well.
So far the Eagles have played their first game and have lost to the Dallas Cowboys. The season still isn’t looking very good for Philadelphia and some of the fans are confused why Papale is still on the team.
So far this book is great and I could hardly put it down. It is so good it almost seems fictional. But this actually happened. I would recommend this book to all ages over ten because so far it is very inspirational.

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  1. Develop your response further. How does it seem fictional? How is it inspirational?