Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Jazmin Cruz
Comp. 105

Tuesdays with Morrie
Mitch Albom
DoubleDay Publishing 1997
192 Pages

     "And love is how you stay alive, even after you are gone." Morrie Schwartz said this to Mitch when he was talking to him about being scared of being forgotten when he died. Morrie said that he wasn't scared of dying and that love is how you stay alive. 

     The second half of Tuesdays with Morrie is a lot about how Morrie starts to get worse in terms of his ASL. Although, he knows that he is going to die and like said before, he isn't scared. Mitch and Morrie are still meeting every Tuesday though, just like in college and Mitch likes to bring Morrie some food for him to eat. As Morrie gets worse though, he can't eat the food Mitch brings which makes Mitch feel bad because he knows Morrie is getting worse and he will die soon. Even though Morrie is going to die soon, it doesn't make it any less harder for him to say goodbye and his friends and family to say goodbye to him. Morrie is making plans for when he passes away like where he wants to be buried. 
     The last time that Mitch goes to see Morrie, Morrie can hardly speak but he really tries hard since he knows that he has limited time with Mitch. He tells Mitch that he loves him and he is a good person and a good friend. Since they both knew it would be one of their last time together, I think it was really good that they are saying what they need to each other before it's too late. Soon after, Morrie dies on a Saturday. He went into a coma couple days before, so his friends and family all knew he would die soon. After he died, Mitch remembered that Morrie wanted Mitch to talk to him at his grave. Mitch thought it was going to be a little weird but he was surprised at how natural it felt. I think it was really nice that Mitch did talk to Morrie's grave because it shows how important Morrie was to him. Even though Morrie is gone now, Mitch will always love him and remember everything that Morrie had done for him in the past. 
     Tuesdays with Morrie is a pretty good book, in my opinion. I really liked how it was written, like how it goes back to talk about Mitch and Morrie's time in college and different parts of both of their lives too. This book was very interesting too because I didn't know much about what ASL was and I learned a little more about what it is and what it does to people who are affected by the disease. I also liked how Morrie was so smart and he seemed like he knew what to say all the time. Also,  even though he knew he was going to die, he wasn't bitter about it. He knew that bad things happen to people sometimes, and he understood that he was going to die. It was a very good book and I learned more about life from Morrie in Tuesdays with Morrie.

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