Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Marshall Owen Book Blog 3

The Vietnam War
Virginia Schomp
Marshall Cavendish,2002
81 pages

                "I had been accepted in ... four colleges, by my senior year. And then I just decided, no, I'm gonna... join the Marines."  William Ehrhart

                I enjoy this quote a lot because it shows that there are some people from the Vietnam War era that were excited to fight for the country. The quote also shows that some people thought that going into this war would have positive effect on the country. Knowing that some people did think that getting involved with Vietnam was an asset to the county surprises me because in my opinion our society shows most people did not want to get involved with Vietnam.
               The Vietnam War explains in good detail about the pros and the cons of the Vietnam war. Along with showing pros and cons the book gives good explanations of what happen to the men and women who served in Vietnam. The book also explains how life was for those that were not serving over seas. The way the people back in the United States had to deal with the death of a president is also described in the book. Most people took this hard and didn't know how act about the whole situation.
               Many people struggled through the Vietnam era, this caused a lot of chaos in the United States and hurt many families. Although many people opposed the Vietnam war there was many people that thought it was good to get involved. If anyone needed a good background on the Vietnam war this book would help a ton. I would recommend this to anyone for a simple informative read. It is a very simple good read that can help anyone learn about the Vietnam war.

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