Thursday, October 30, 2014

Marshall Owen Book Blog #4

Marshall Owen
Composition 105

The Vietnam War
Virginia Schomp
Marshall Cavendish Corporation 2002

 "The most common cheer was 'welcome home! Welcome home!'... The tears kept filling my eyes, but this time not from sadness--it was from pleasure and immense relief. A parade! For me. A great weight was lifted from my shoulders. . . . I finally got my parade." David Donovan.

This quote makes me proud that many Americans were proud to give a parade to those who fought in war and respected the duty of many Americans that gave their lives to help keep America free. The last half of the book explains situations that America dealt with during the Vietnam era, it tells about racism and woman's rights. I believe that if Americans can get through difficult stages like they did during the Vietnam War times they should be able to get through almost anything.

Discrimination was a big deal in the 60's all public places were separated between "blacks" and "whites". During the Vietnam War colored people were usually the ones who got sent over seas to do all the dirty work and the jobs that were terrible to do. They were treated very unfair not only over seas but in the U.S. as well.

Women's right movement arose in the 70's because women wanted rights so they could help run the country since a lot of the men were overseas fighting. Women help marches and fought hard for right and eventually won the battle and got what they deserved.

In my opinion this is a very interesting book and would recommend to anyone who is either interested in Vietnam or anyone who needs a good research book. I though it was a very easy read and almost anyone could read it as well.

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