Sunday, October 12, 2014

Nathan Nelson Blog #3

Through My Eyes
Tim Tebow
HarperCollins Publishers, 2011
260 pages.

Tim was an extremely athletic boy while growing up. Living on a farm certainly helped develop his aspirations to be a star athlete, as he was required to get up every morning and do laborious work with his father and brothers. His father was a minister and a missionary, and his time was often spent going to the Philippines to spread the word of God. Having a father so involved with God definitely helped Tim strengthen his relationship with Him. The Tebows would pray every day, and it became a huge part of his life. Tim was very social, but his father thought it would be best for him to be home schooled, with his mother teaching him. While it could have decreased his chances at making friends, the sports aspect helped it. Tim played football and baseball, and he was very good at both, but football was his favorite. Playing quarterback and having the ball always in his hands was what he loved to do. Any other position wouldn't have been good enough for him. Many of his middle school coaches wanted him to play linebacker instead, as they thought he was far too athletic to be playing quarterback. This resulted in him transferring to a different school in high school, where he would be able to play the position he loved. One of the main attributes of Tim was his determination to be successful. He was constantly working out and striving to get better. His sophomore year is when he began receiving attention from different colleges. As he kept playing better, the scholarship offers started flowing in. He became an even bigger prospect after he won the Florida state championship in his senior year. While many more schools were interested, Tim had limited it down to two colleges: Alabama and Florida. At his press conference, he still had no idea which college to attend. Florida was his home state, but at Alabama, he had a very good chance to start right away. He called Alabama's coach and said he was going to commit to Florida, but directly after, he started regretting it. Tim thought about calling him back and saying he made a mistake. His press conference came, and still unsure of what to do as he was speaking, he made the last second decision. He was going to stick with his initial gut decision and attend Florida. Tim arrived in the spring semester, so he got the chance to get acclimated to the different pace of college football. In his first season, Tim didn't start, but he did make a very big impact on the National Championship winning team. Now, it is a new year, and the team has huge expectations. Will Tim be able to guide the team to victory?
Many of the values Tim believes in are values that should be instilled in every child. First of all, he has a very strong relationship with God. While I would like to improve my relationship with Him, it was inspiring seeing how much God influences a lot of Tim's decisions. If he was ever in doubt, he would pray. This is something i would like myself to do, as it is a very important aspect in life. Tim put a huge emphasis on school. While he was an athlete, he never forgot about his schoolwork. I am the exact same way. I realize how important school is, and how crucial it is to be successful in life. Tim was a very hardworking individual, and it is something that I would like to see in myself. His determination on and off the football field is what made him successful. I am the same way in that if I want something to go my way, I will work hard in order to obtain it. Tim is a very good role model for kids, and we share a lot of the same values. I wasn't a huge fan of him before, but reading this book has helped me realize that he is a very motivated individual that makes the most out of every situation.

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  1. Good connection between yourself and Tim. Add even more connection with specific examples of how you work hard, your values, etc.