Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Noah Wittrock BB2

Noah Wittrock
Inside Delta Force: The story of America’s Elite Counterterrorist Unit
Eric L. Haney
Delacorte Press
Comp. 3
120 pages

“I was the first of my family to graduate from high school, and we considered that a pretty big achievement, as our expectations weren’t very high. It wasn’t that my parents were against education; it was just that neither of them had gone further than elementary school, and they didn’t have the ability or the understanding to help.” (P. 3)

I chose this quotation because it shows that when he was younger he had harder times and he was the first to achieve any academics in his family. At the beginning the author is talking about how when he was a child he listened to stories of the war from family and friends and wanted to join as soon as he could.

Later in his life, once he’s joined the army, he is at a new base and is signing into a new unit. He is getting to know his new unit and learning the new places and meeting new people. He is taking test to see what he can all do as an Army Ranger. He has to finish all of the tests for his training.

There is a lot more field training going on and a lot more exercises also. He has to help some people out when they need it.

So far the beginning half of this book hasn’t been too bad. The story is a little boring at first because it only talks about his training and hardly anything else. It does end up getting better because there is a lot more action taking place. He helps people which makes the book more exciting. The author does a very good job at using detail in this book. To me, this is another good thing to have to keep readers interested.

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  1. Give examples of the action and the details that make the book get more exciting.
    Good opening quotation.