Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Noah Wittrock book blog 4

Noah Wittrock
Inside Delta Force: The story of America’s Elite Counterterrorist Unit
Eric L. Haney
Delacorte Press
Comp. 3
123 pages

“Within the next ten minutes, the door would be blown in and four of my classmates would assault the room using the close-quarter battle techniques we had learned. Within three seconds of the explosion, they would have to kill the terrorists, gain positive control of the room, and someone would be firing live rounds within inches of my head. If they missed a single terrorist or hit me by mistake, the team would fail this phase of training.” (p. 156)

I chose this quote because it shows how intense the training the team must go through in order to pass. It also shows how risky being in these groups can be. I would be afraid to be playing the hostage role.
In the second half of this book there is a lot more training they are doing. They work on breaching which is where they come through a door ready to take down any enemy that is there and rescue the hostages if there are any. After that they went on to learning about plains and driving. They go through a lot more training again.

To me this book was boring. I thought there would be a lot more action involved but instead 

there was just a lot of training. If someone were more interested in the training they go through then I would 

recommend this book to them. I would have to say it was still an okay book but I didn’t enjoy it very 


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