Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler

Jacob Kelly
The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler
Random House, New York
Copyright, 1961
Pg. 179
“Hatred grew in me for those responsible for this deed. Miserable and degenerate criminals!” This quote is an avid example of Adolf’s beginning hatred for Jewish people, and the “Red Pacifists”. Adolf always wanted to be an artist. His father and teachers told him he couldn’t, even though he was a beautiful painter. He tried to go to art school but failed it and was dropped from the school. He decided to go to war during the Great War. He fought as a soldier and almost died. After Germany lost the war, Hitler began to believe Jews were the cause of Germany’s loss of World War, which drove him to start thinking of ways to change Germany. After WWI, Hitler tried to lead a small rebellion, but he lost and was back to his starting point. After he reached his lowest point, he decided to go into politics.

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