Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Book Blog 5

Noah Wittrock
Ellen Hopkins
Margaret K. McElderry Books Simon and Schuster, New York
Comp. 3
310 pages
“Life was radical right after I met the monster. Later, life became harder, complicated. Ultimately, a living hell, like swimming against a riptide, walking the wrong direction in the fast lane of the freeway, waking from sweetest dreams to find yourself in the middle of a nightmare.” (p. 1)
I chose this quotation because it uses a good analogy: “monster.” In the case of this quotation, the author uses the word monster to describe the main characters need. The urge to do meth. Not only could it stand for an urge or need, but “monster” could be any problem someone may be faced with. I also chose the quotation because it shows an amazing amount of detail and suspense all in the first page.
The story begins with the main character going into a downward spiral. Kristina the main character goes to her dad’s for the summer and gets involved with a lot of bad things. She gets involved with some boys that are not good for her. These boys get her into drugs and she becomes addicted to meth. After being addicted to meth, she is still going back and forth between the two boys. One is her emotional boy and the other is basically for sex. Kristina ends up pregnant with the boy she is using for sex but wants to be with the emotional one. She has the baby and her mom and stepfather help her take care of him. Now, Kristina can’t resist the urge to do meth so she is trying to get in touch with her old friend who was her supplier. She goes and gets her fix but doing meth again is going to be very bad again.
So far this book is very interesting. I enjoy the authors use of analogies and description. I 

have also read other books by this author and have liked all of them so far. The author has a 

very unique way of writing. The writing style the author uses makes reading this book fast and 

entertaining. I hope the next half of this book is as good as the first.


  1. What are some of the analogies and descriptions? Show his "unique way of writing" and "the writing style the author uses" with examples.

  2. This book sounds very interesting, but would make me uncomfortable reading it. I would be curious to learn about this girl Kristina's way of life though. Her life is so different from my own, and it would be eye-opening to read this story. Great summary of the book and good explanation of the theme and quotation about the monster. You were right; that quotation does a very good job at describing how deep this story will be.