Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Crossed Millicent Cameron
Ally Condie Comp. 3
Dutton Books Blog 5
367 pages

“For tho’ from out our bourne of Time and Place
The flood may bear me far,
I hope to see my Pilot face to face
When I have crossed the bar.”
(page 5)

This quotation is from the second book from the Matched series. This second book out of this series is called Crossed. The series started out with a girl named Cassia who is part of a certain group in a Society. In Matched, a group called the Society controls everything. The Society has kept order and helped Cassia and everyone else do anything the Society wants them to do.

Now Cassia is old enough to “choose a mate”. At this ceremony, Cassia has to go up and choose who her life mate will be. When she goes to choose two different guys show up. She is told that it was a rare glitch and to not worry about it, but all Cassia can think about is the opposite guy she was supposed to end up with. As the book goes on, many contradictions come up with this small “glitch” Cassia is not supposed to worry about.

In this second book, Crossed, Cassia is completely confused about what will happen in her future. With the fact that Cassia was supposed to end up with Xander, she now has fallen in love with Ky. Cassia is in search for Ky, who was taken away by the Society. As Cassia ventures to different places she learns even more about her life and what the Society has been doing.

Besides the fact of a love interest being in this book, the book also includes a story about doing what you want to do and making your own decisions. The book tells about someone who wants to go with what she wants to do. Cassia has followed certain rules and regulations her whole life, and now she is doing what she feels is right and what she wants to do.

I am interested in seeing what happens at the end of this book. The book, so far, is great and has an interesting storyline that keeps me wanting to know what happens next. I really liked the first book of this series and am interested in what happens at the end of this second book. Some questions I am wondering is what else is going to go wrong and what will happen with Cassia’s future.   


  1. How does this book compare with the first one in the series? Can you add some specific support to the paragraph "Besides the fact. . ."?

  2. This book sounds very similar to the book I read for my blog, Insurgent. I love the idea of an alternative society. I love the different rules and aspects of life the author comes up with to create a whole new way of everyday living for the characters in the story. Because I am such a huge fan of the Divergent series, I know I would enjoy this series as well. Great overview of the book and explanation of the theme.