Sunday, November 30, 2014

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The Best of Me
Nicholas Sparks                                                                                                       Emily Koenck
Grand Central Publishing                                                                                              Comp 105

282 pages

"Amanda stepped out of the car, surprised by the black pants and crisp white shirt Dawson was wearing, but the combo definitely worked. With the jacket casually slung over his shoulder, he was almost too handsome for his own good, which only made what her mother had said eve more prescient. She drew a deep breath, wondering what she was going to do."
page 149

               Earlier in the book Dawson's father figure died so he had to fly back home to go to the funeral. While he was on the plane all he could think about was the memories. He kept thinking about Amanda and all of the memories they had together and how they had to stop seeing each other. Dawson knew it wasn't going to last between him and Amanda because of his last name and the reputation his family has. 
               Dawson's plan was to go to the funeral and fly back to his house the next day. Well it didn't work out that way and Dawson had to stay longer. He tried to avoid Amanda because he knew old feelings would reappear. When he did see Amanda and Amanda saw him for the first time in years they felt like they never stopped loving each other. Amanda was so shocked to see Dawson she didn't know what to say. It was twenty years since they have see each other. 

                 Later in book Amanda and Dawson went on a date and as Amanda saw Dawson all dressed up, like in the quote, she wanted to be with him even more. Dawson always wanted to marry Amanda and to have a family with her. They decided as the date went on to visit Tuck's cabin because his funeral was the reason for Dawson coming back. When they get there, there was a note on the table that was addressed to Dawson. In the letter Tuck wrote out his love story on how he met his wife. After reading the letter together, Dawson and Amanda decide to stay the night together at the cabin. They rekindled the love they had back in high school that night. The following day, Amanda made the hard decision to return to her family and Dawson was going to leave town. On his way to the air port he sees the strange man who saved him after the oil rig explosion, so he decides to follow him. He followed him to the town bar where Dawson sees a kid getting a beating by his cousins. Dawson saves the kid and shortly after Crazy Ted comes into the bar and shoots Dawson in the head. Dawson later dies and shortly after Amanda's son is in a car accident and needs a heart transplant. Later on when Amanda's son gets his heart she learned that it was Dawson's that her son had received. 

                 What would it be like to fine my high school love after twenty years? That was a good question to think about because the way it was for Dawson and Amanda was difficult. Especially at the beginning, I thought Dawson was being a prude by never wanting to leave his little shack he lived in. I thought he was going to avoid Amanda the whole time because he didn't want to see her. But, after seeing Amanda he got butterflies in his stomach and he said it felt like he saw her for the first time in high school. For Amanda, she was so stunned to see the Dawson came back for Tuck's funeral. She thought he was never coming back.
                   I love all of Nicholas Sparks books. The way he writes is so fascinating and always keep me curious to see what will happen next. I had a lot of emotions when reading this book, I would either be smiling or crying, there was no in between. I never wanted to put the book down. With every book that I had read of Nicholas Sparks I had the same experience. He is such and amazing writer. I loved how he wrote in two perspectives of what they both were thinking. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves to read or to anyone who doesn't like to read because this book will want to make you read.  



  1. A couple of conventional errors, but I like the way you analyzed the book. Feel free to have just a little more analysis if you want this much summary.

  2. This book sounds very interesting. I like the quotation you chose. It is very discriptive and shows that the author can use detail. I also agree with Jessica on needing more analysis.

  3. You put in a little bit or how you connected to the story but you could have added a bit more. Your last paragraph is really good about showing what you felt as you read it and you could have included that same connection in the other summary parts.

  4. Overall, very good. Maybe a little bit more analyzing for the summaries you have, but very well done.

  5. I could feel you in your blog it was good. However I have never really cared for Nicholas Sparks ha ha.

  6. Very nice detail on the book. The book sounds really good and you gave nice thoughts on the book with explanation.