Sunday, November 30, 2014

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Screw Ball
“ I don’t know, I guess that baseball has always been a release for me. When I go into a dark mood all I want to do is play the game. It’s more than a game to me though. Baseball is a way of life.” -249
I will not reveal who the killer is in this book because it was really good! If a person wants to figure out who it was they will have to read it themselves. Murder stories are really fun to read because it is something that unfortunately takes place everyday.
Also the baseball in this book makes me feel younger again. I know I’m not old but however when I read about baseball for some reason I feel about ten years old again. The feeling is a good young because I loved baseball.
What Ron Kane has gone through is astonishing. He is a pretty strong player and person for a rookie on a baseball team because he is the reason the team has gotten out of their deep rut. This book is kind of unique. It is unique for the fact that in a cross between a mystery, a murder story, a sports book, and an inspirational story.
It is a little confusing when a person really gets into the story. However, it is a good confusing because it keeps you on your toes. This is what makes a book good in my opinion.


  1. You can have some summary in your book blog, doesn't have to be completely reflection. Good use of personal experiences. Could tie your quote in with the rest of your blog a little more.

  2. I like that you kept it a mystery and didn't tell who the killer is. You should have written more about your book. I would have liked to know more about the book before I read it.

  3. A little bit more of connecting and analyzing. Tie quote in like Alyssa said.

  4. Yes, you did a great job of tying in the quotation with what you said, but you need to analyze more. Great job of giving your opinion. With a little more analyzing involved, I feel this would be an excellent blog, and the book sounds like an exciting one as well.

  5. Next time, tell more about the book rather than just telling about parts that connect with you. You do make great connections and do a great job of explaining how the book makes you feel.

  6. Nice quotation and explanation but could give a little more.