Monday, November 10, 2014

Gunner C
Ms. Gach

“Awesome. Way Awesome.” Where in the hell- where in the hell did you find that guy”? -23
So far, this book has me twisted up and spit out. This book is confusing and great all at the same time. When I first started this book I was unsure how baseball and murder could go together at all. However David Ferrell does an excellent on telling the story of them in his book Screwball.
The owner of the Red Sox made a huge mistake when he sold the one, the only Babe Ruth to the Yankees eighty-four years ago. Ever since this happened the Red Sox have had a bad Curse. This is almost how I felt all my years of baseball considering none of my teams were any good. Although it was just little league and a few years in high school ball, I felt the Red Sox’s pain.
One day a new guy showed up pitching a heater. The team was amazed. The coach was amazed. Everyone was amazed.  This new rookie pitcher was throwing an astaunishing 110 mph. From my personal experience at ball I was never any good at batting so I hated going against fast pitchers. Trying to hit a good fastball is pretty difificult. This new pitcher went by the name of Ron Kane and he was from Texas.
Ron Kane has been saving the Red Sox’s behinds with his god given gift. However, he is missing curfew and breaking some rules of the team. My self just like any other young guy have broken curfew and have had to face the consequences. Unlike me Ron hardly has any consequence to breaking these rules because he is the star pitcher and batter of the team now.

I can’t wait to read what happens next to Ron and read more into the book. I like murder stories and baseball. If a person likes either one this is a great book for them.

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  1. How did you "feel the pain"? Develop your response further.