Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Jacob Kelly

“Sometimes lives intersect, no rhyme or reason, except perhaps for a passing semi.” This quote is extremely deep and meaningful. It’s basically saying that absolutely anything can cause people who would never have met each other before, to interact in their daily lives. Choices are the most important things in life. The choice of a semi trucker eating a large meal and falling asleep at the wheel, could impact more than just his life. Or a person at school has a fever and causes other people to get sick, which could cause more people to be sick. The main idea here is that choices can cause lives to change, maybe just yours, or maybe everyone’s.
This book has a lot of deep meaning into it, which you have to pick up on as the reader. Impulse talks about three teenagers who each, in their own way, attempted to commit suicide. The teens all have to live in a rehab center for people who have mental illnesses, such as depression or bi-polar disorder for example. They would have never met if they hadn’t attempted to end their lives, and failed.
“Sometimes you don’t wake up. But if you happen to, you know that things will never be the same.” I believe this quotation is absolutely true. You need to live life to the fullest, because today could be your last. If a person who thought they were going to die in surgery, lived to see another day, they will definitely not be the same person. This book is tragic, yet has a hopeful storyline with beautifully bright characters. It is a very insightful story.


  1. No reaction/response from you about the book?

  2. This book sounds very interesting and like something I might read myself. With a very deep and insighful theme, this book would make me think about the choices I make in my every day life. You talk about how a person overcoming a life-threatening situation may change how they view the world, but I think after reading this book, I would change my perspective of the world just from being exposed to such a deep story. You could use some more detail and personal opinion in your blog, but good overview of the story.

  3. Like Hayley said you really made this book sound interesting, and I think it's good that this blog raises a lot of question about the plot. I think you could have analyzed the story itself more but I like your analysis of the quotes.

  4. This sounds like a very interesting book, and I feel the quotations used here are very relevant. I feel you did a great job of relating this to being a deep story, but may a little more analyzing needs to be done. Great overall layout though, and you tied to the quotations well. I feel you used great analogies and I agree with Haley: I would maybe change my perspective on the world by being exposed to a great story.

  5. You had a very good analysis of the book. The book obviously made you think about some very important issues. However it is important to have a little bit of summary of the book so the reader can understand what parts of the book you are actually analyzing.