Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Jazmin Cruz Book Blog 5

Jazmin Cruz
Comp 105

Ellen Hopkins
565 Pages

"Happy ever after is a concept I'll never believe in."

This quote is very true for the two main characters, Kaeleigh and Raeanne, in Identical by Ellen Hopkins. Identical is all about how a pair of twins Kaeleigh and Raeanne's family looks so perfect on the outside since their mother is running for U.S. Congress and their father is a well respected court judge, but both of their worlds are falling apart. Kaeleigh is her father's perfect little girl and she is sexually abused by him so she turns to cutting and binging to feel normal. As for Raeanne, she hates that her father doesn't seem to care about her at all so she turns to drugs and alcohol to make her feel better. The sisters both have big secrets and they feel like they can't tell anyone or get any help.

Hopkins has an interesting way of writing because she writes in a poem format. I used to not like reading books written like that but now I think they are pretty cool. The book leaves you infer a lot of information and makes you really think about the book. Another reason why Hopkins is an interesting writer is because she seems to write about dark, mysterious characters which is why I like her books.

I've always liked her writing and Identical is starting to get really good, I think it will be one of my favorite books once I'm finished with it. I can wait to read more about Kaeleigh and Raeanne's life and to know if they decide to keep hurting themselves while trying to feel normal or if they will decide to tell someone what is going on and get some help for themselves.

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