Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Marshall Owen Book Blog #5

The Batboy
Mike Lupica
Philomel Books,2010
246 Pages

"The harder you worked,the more prepared you were,the more likely you were to stay on the home team side of Comerica Park this summer,to not have to switch over to the visitors' side, the first-base side, which Finn referred to as 'Siberia."

No matter what sport or activity being played the harder the harder you work the better the pay out in the end. I relate to this with my football career I worked at lifting and making myself better in the off seasons and I felt like I got better each year I played. The book tells how if the players and team helpers work hard they will get where they want to be.

The book is very action packed but I get a little confused with all the characters and keeping them all straight. Brian is a younger person who loves baseball he wants to be a bat boy for the Detroit Tigers. The author does a good job of explaining the struggles that Brian had when he first applied for the bat boy position. The author then tells how when you are determined and keep trying to get what you want it might come eventually.

Brian gets the job because he shows how dedicated to baseball he is and the staff decides to hire people who are dedicated to the sport rather then the age of the person. Brian is very excited about his new job and never wants to get away from baseball or the field. Brian learned that one of his favorite players Hank Bishop is back for the Tigers and is very excited about it.

Hank Bishop starts to like Brian after Hank figure out who Brian's dad was. Hank also starts talking to Brian's mom and Brian gets confused as to why she can talk to Hank, a baseball player, but couldn't stand being with her ex husband because he was a baseball player.

The author does a great job of keeping attention and making the reader want to stay into the book with the great detail he gives for each part of book. I would recommend Batboy to anyone who is into sports and wants a very easy simple read. I have read a lot of Mike Lupica books and have liked all of them and this one is no different.

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