Monday, November 10, 2014

Nathan Nelson Book #3 Blog #1

Nathan Nelson
Composition 105

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
Stephen King
219 pages
Simon & Schuster

This book is about a young girl named Trisha. She is nine years old with divorced parents. Having divorced parents is very difficult on her, and she often wishes that her parents would get back together. Trisha and her older brother, Pete, live with their mom. Pete is 14 years old, and he is constantly getting into arguments with their mother. The mothers name, Quilla, is always taking the Pete and Trisha on trips to different places, to help get the kids' minds off of the divorce. However, Pete is still bitter and always finds a way to argue with her. Trisha just wishes she could live with her dad. They both cheer for the Red Sox, and their favorite player is Tom Gordon. Trisha has a bond with her father that Quilla could never replicate, no matter how hard she tried. Quilla took Pete and Trisha hiking on the Appalachian Trail. Of course, Pete and Quilla get in an argument. Eventually, Trisha gets tired of it. She walks off to go to the bathroom, and the other two don't even notice. As she gets done, she realizes she has no idea where they are. She is lost in the forest, and the dark is soon approaching. Nighttime falls and Trisha is all by herself in the forest, equipped with only a water, a pop, a sandwich, Twinkies, and her Walkman. All she does is walk in horror as it is storming, and she is all by herself in the wilderness. To make things worse, she falls upon a wasps nest, and she gets stung multiple times. This does not dampen her spirits, however. Thanks to the Walkman, she is able to listen to the Red Sox game. Her favorite player comes into the game to close it out. He pulls out the win, and this gives her a dash of confidence. If Tom Gordon, her hero, can get the save, she knows that she will be able to get out of the forest. Despite troubles along the way, she continues to carry on in hopes of finding someone to help her escape the forest.
Trisha is very confident, especially for a nine year old. If I was lost in the forest, I would not be able to stay as happy as she seemingly is. If I was lost in the woods, I would be terrified for my life. While in different settings, we both share a sense of determination. If we put our mind to it, we will get it done.  Pete arguing with his mom reminded me of how I sometimes argue with my mom on the littlest things. Trisha and her father both share a bond through sports. My dad and I both enjoy going to sporting events together, and this is how my entire family likes to enjoy spending time together.
This book is somewhat boring, at least compared to other Stephen King books. All the story is about is Trisha wandering through the woods. I am hoping something dramatic happens that will increase the excitement in this book.


  1. Also, the quote

    "Establishing that it's you who's better, that's the secret of closing."

  2. How does this quotation fit into the story? Blend your reaction (second last paragraph) in with the plot summary.