Sunday, November 30, 2014

Nathan Nelson Book #3 Blog #2

Nathan Nelson
Composition 105

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
Stephen King
Simon & Schuster
224 pages

"Slowly, both with terror and with a strange sort of calm inevitability, Trisha turned to face the God of the Lost."

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon is a fictional thriller by one of the greatest horror writers of all time, Stephen King. While he is known for his terrifying stories, this one is not even close to the same. King takes a different approach by using no real horror. However, it is a very interesting read. In the first half, Trisha got separated from her mom and brother in the woods. The second half is still Trisha trying to find her way to civilization. She ate the rest of her sandwich, so the food supply is now empty. While finding some nuts on a bush, this still isn't enough. She uses the hood of her sweatshirt to trap a swimming trout in the stream. With nothing to cook or cut with, she eats it, bone and all. Due to her starvation, it wasn't nearly as gross for her as it sounds. At times, a hallucination of Tom Gordon comes to visit her. While it isn't really him, she gets the idea that it is. He tells her to stay strong and to keep going. With the police searching for a sex offender, and with Trisha constantly on the move, will she ever be found? Or will she never be able to escape the forest?
This book is very intriguing. For a nine year old girl, she certainly knows a lot about how to stay alive. A lot of the moves she makes are not the smartest, for example, she ditches her idea of following the stream. Had she kept following the stream, she would have found some cottages. In the beginning, had she just stayed on the trail, she would have been found. I thought it would require a lot more struggle. Sure, she did run into a wasps nest, but other than that, she just kept walking. Knowing Stephen King, I figured there would be a little scarier, however it was very mild compared to his past work.
This book has a lot of life lessons. It is critical that everyone knows how to survive in the wild. Anything can happen, and so many people are just used to having it easy. Then, they are unprepared to survive. Trisha knew how to catch a fish with a sweatshirt, and she also knew how to find food. This book teaches that anything can happen and an individual must be prepared for worst case scenario. Also, Trisha had a lot of determination to keep walking. Many would just stop where they were at in hopes that someone would find them. However, she had a plan and she stuck to it. Even though she was tired, she fought her way through it. For being a kid, she displayed attributes of an adult by making her way through the forest. 


  1. Good post, way to connect to your life. Excellent!

  2. I really like how you summarized the book for the first part of the blog and then analyzed the book and talked about how there are life lessons in it. I've never read a Stephen King book, but this book sounds pretty interesting!

  3. Good quotation at the beginning, but could tie it into the rest of the blog a little more. Good use of asking questions right before you begin your analysis. Nice job at balancing out your summary and your analysis.

  4. Very good. You worked in your feelings toward the book and critical thinking into the summary. The quote could have been connected better to your blog, otherwise well done.

  5. The connection of you and this blog was pretty clear. Makes the blog more interesting to read.

  6. I really like the questions you asked and how you made in personal. This sounds like a good book! I have never heard of it before.

  7. You tell us that everyone needs to know how to survive in the wilderness because something bad could happen. Does this book make you want to work harder on your survival skills?