Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Best of Me
Nicholas Sparks                                                                                                       Emily Koenck
Grand Central Publishing                                                                                              Comp 105
146 pages
“The hostility surrounding them only drew Amanda and Dawson closer together, and when Dawson began to take her hand in public, Amanda held tight, daring anyone to tell her to let go. But Dawson wasn’t naive; as much as she meant to him, he always had the sense that they were on borrowed time.”

These are two important sentences because Amanda and Dawson end up falling in love and no one approves of it. At the beginning of the book Dawson worked on oil rigs and has seen a lot of gruesome accidents that involve a lot of blood and broken bones. The reason that Dawson quit working on the oil rigs after a tragic accident that involved an explosion that sent Dawson flying into a body of water and killed several people. He moved and quit and lived in an old trailer house that he was hardly at.

Dawson found out that his father figure, Tuck Hostetler, has passed away so he decided to go to the funeral. Dawson lived in New Orleans and had to fly to North Carolina to go to the funeral and then leave the next day. Dawson just stays to himself because he is a Cole. By saying he is a Cole is meaning that he had a bad reputation by his family. Dawson didn’t have a “good” family, meaning his family does bad things like steal, kill, and beat people up for no reason. Dawson’s real father beat him so he looked up to Tuck, who was his boss, because he fed him and paid him and was nice to him. Tuck was Dawson’s only family that he cared for.

Amanda was a girl who went to Dawson’s school and she had a good reputation. Her family had money and everyone at school liked her because she was so pretty. Dawson and Amanda later fell in love, and it all started with them being partners in school. Dawson would never have talked to Amanda before unless he had to; he thought she was too good for him. Amanda started to like Dawson because of how nice and caring he was. They soon started to hang out without anyone knowing. When Amanda’s parents found out they forced them to become apart and said that Amanda would ruin her life she went with Dawson. Amanda later got accepted to a big college and Dawson moved away.

What would it be like to be in Dawson’s shoes and to not be with the person I love? I think it would be hard knowing that the parents don’t approve. Knowing that the love between two people won’t work because of non accepting parents. They ended up going their separate ways and saying if it was meant to be they will find there way back to each other some day. That was a great way of looking at the situation. The way they handled it was the best way because if it was really love they will find their way back to each other.

I am really enjoying this book and can’t wait to read more. I am looking forward to seeing if they do find their way back to each other. I am interested in reading what will happen further on in Dawson’s life.  

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  1. The majority of this is plot summary. Develop your last two paragraphs further. How dies this book compare to other N. Sparks books?