Monday, November 10, 2014

Zach Riddle American Savior #5

Zach Riddle
Composition 105

American Savior
Roland Merullo
312 Pages
Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill

“After the catastrophe of Katrina, for a brief while, we got a glimpse of the real American poor: the story was too large to ignore. But even those people-many of whom are still suffering, I would bet-soon slipped back into the invisibility, and the great, comfortable mass of the rest of us, busy with our own troubles and plans, seem content to pretend they aren’t there.” Page 5

I think that Roland Merullo makes a great point in the quotation when he says that when a tragedy happens, it is a big deal, but not long after it is forgotten. One of the main characters in this book, Jesus Christ, is running for president and needs the help of a local newscaster who is not the most religious person in the world. After meeting with him face to face, the newscaster feels such a presence that Jesus is putting off that can not be faked. The newscaster takes some major roles in planning his entire campaign.
Since Jesus is running for president and I love politics, it makes me curious as to what party he would be apart of because Jesus has not said what party he will be apart of. The Republicans tend to be in line with the bible on a lot of moral issues like abortion and same sex marriage, but are against big spends welfare programs. I think that Jesus would want to help these poor people, but I don’t know if he would be willing to just give them physical money or if he would give them things like food stamps.
I think that if Jesus were to come back and run for president today, he would have to be an independent. He would not even consider agreeing with things like abortion and same-sex marriage, but one of his biggest focuses would be to help the people who need it most. I do not think that he would fix the problems by handing out money, but by handing out food or providing people with jobs. I also think that Jesus would do a great job of forcing the officials in power to work together and get what he thinks needs to be done passed through congress. The newscaster says that Jesus has a presence that makes it impossible to say no to anything he says. Because of this, I think that he would persuade the majority of congress to vote a certain way. On the flip side of the coin, Jesus might not control people like that, because a big thing the Bible emphasizes is free will, and how God wants us to willingly choose him. Because Jesus thinks that free will is important, he would not use his great power to control congress and the American people to vote a certain way.
If Jesus were ever to come down from heaven and run for president, I think it would be very interesting to see how the American people interpret what he is saying. I have a feeling most Americans would not believe that he is actually Jesus unless he performed some type of miracle, like winning the presidency! This book presents some very interesting ideas and I am excited to see how the rest of the book turns out.

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  1. Unusual premise for the book. I like your optimistic first response that Jesus could make our government work again.