Monday, December 1, 2014

Marshall Owen #6

The Batboy
Mike Lupica
Philomel Books
246 Pages

          "I think maybe you're a little burned out." "Burned out," Brian Said, nodding like he was agreeing. "At fourteen. Good call. Burned out. Why didn't I think of that?"

          As in most situations getting burned out can be a real killer, it makes doing what you love to do hard to handle. Sometimes a break is needed from even the most fun activities. Brian is still the bat boy for the Tigers, and as the season goes on members of the team seem to think that he needs a break from baseball for a while. They tell him that he knows a lot about the sport, but he is around it to much and it is making him crazy. Most people can relate to this instance with almost any activity, after being around it for a while you just need to step away and take a break.
          Brian really loves his position as the bat boy and really loves interacting with the team. Quitting his position would be hard for him and he would not like going back to his normal life. Brian gets news that his dad is coming to watch the Tigers play a baseball game to scout Hank, a Tigers player, in hopes that they can get him to play in Japan. This news makes Brian excited that he gets to see his dad, but he doesn't want to see his favorite player Hank to leave the Tigers.
         At the end of the book Brian is playing baseball for his local team and is struggling. When He looks to the bench he sees his friend Hank standing there. Brian is in shock and is puzzled and ask a million questions. Hank just explains that after their game the night before he drove all the way back to watch his buddy Brian play. Hank gives Brian some reminders and when Brian gets to the plate to bat he hits his first home run. Just like every player would be after hitting their first home run Brian was super excited.
          Mike Lupica does a great job of going into detail about the setting of his books. In Batboy Lupica does a good job explaining where the setting is at all times and does a great job of explaining the characters. Where I got confused was keeping all the characters straight and not getting them mixed up. Other than that part the book was very good read and I would recommend this book and any of Lupicas books to anyone intersted in sport books.

Crossed Millicent Cameron
Ally Condie Comp. 3
Dutton Books Blog 6
367 pages
I never named anything I’ve written before
no reason to
it would all have the same title anyway
- for you -
but I would call this one
one night
that night
when we let the world be only you
and only me
we stood on it while it spun
green and blue and red
the music ended
but we
were still
(page 213)
The poem from the book talks about how these two people, Cassia and Ky, get to see each other, but are not supposed to. At the beginning of this series, Cassia and Ky were matched together, but weren’t supposed to be. At first the situation started as a small mistake, but then turned into a huge problem.
Cassia has to find Ky. She knows around where he might be but still has to find him. Both of them, at a point, have to escape from somewhere. Then, the come to find each other. At the end, they are in these groups and are being put together to go somewhere. The Society has changed many situations going on and everything is different.
In this book, the relations relate to two people who are basically banned from seeing each other, but find a way to be together. Their whole world is changing and situations are risky between them and the Society.

This book is good to read if you like interesting fiction with twists. I am interested to read about the outcome of the next book. I wonder: what will happen to Cassia and Ky, and what will happen with their world and the Society.   
Jazmin Cruz
Comp. 105

Ellen Hopkins
565 Pages

"One thing to live for, one day at a time."

     Identical is about twin sisters that are both broken because of their family life. Their family looks perfect, but they aren't. Kaeleigh is sexually abused by her father ever since a car accident a few years ago that left her twin sister dead. At first, I thought that Kaeleigh and Raeanne were two different people with their own lives, and they were. Until the car accident. Their father was driving the car with the whole family in it and they all got into a car accident. Raeanne actually died in the accident. Kaeleigh has been living her life thinking that her sister was still alive. But she wasn't. When I first read this, I thought it was pretty confusing. Now I realize it's not very confusing though. Kaeleigh was said to have a personality disorder called Disassociation Identity Disorder. The doctor explained that she probably got this disorder to try and cope with the trauma after losing her twin sister.
     Once I read this part of the book, I love it even more! I liked that there was such a huge plot twist. I also loved how there was some psychology that was a pretty big part of the book. I am really interesting in psychology, so that's why the ending of this book was interesting to me. It was also cool because in Psychology class, we just got done with the chapter about disorders and we actually had to do an essay about Disassociation Identity Disorder. It just really amazes me that someone can have a disorder like this. I don't understand how someone can act like two different people but not even know it.
     Now that I am done reading Identical, it is one of my favorite books. I love how Ellen Hopkins writes her books, with the poetry style. On some of the pages, the words were shaped as a heart which is interesting to me. Overall, it was a fantastic book and I would recommend it to young adults because there is also a lot of talk about drugs, alcohol, and self harm.

Noah Wittrock #6

Noah Wittrock
Ellen Hopkins
Margaret K. McElderry Books Simon and Schuster, New York
Comp. 3
310 pages.
“The next, all is forgiven, everything is right, and you can’t really remember why you were so mad in the first place. It’s irritating because one of life’s true joys is being righteously mad about something. But load the pipe and the ‘righteous’ part vanishes in a puff of smoke.” (p.446)
This quotation threw me off a little. I thought is was going to be more about the girl’s views but then it turned into a drug reference. I chose this quotation because of that. The first part of the quotation seemed like it was going to be somewhat relatable because sometimes getting mad is a good thing and everyone does it. Her way of coping with anger was what was unrelatable.
The second half of this book is still about the main characters batter with substance abuse and the struggle of raising her child. She keeps having the same struggles she had in the first half of the book. The temptation to do drugs overwhelms her and she goes to get some. She gets the drugs and begins doing them again. She uses the drugs as a way to cope with her life. Her drug abuse ends up getting her into a lot of trouble. She gets into trouble with the law and decides it’s for the best to let her mother take care of her son.

The second half of this book was pretty good. The author continues the story of the girl and 

adds a lot more to the story. The author added a lot more suspenseful and meaningful parts 

into this half of the book such as the police part and the part at the end where the main girl 

gives up her baby. It seemed like a lot more occurred in this half of the book because it 

contained the climax and the conclusion. I have read many books by this author and none of 

them have disappointed.

Nick Reetz, Book 3, Blog 2

Nick Reetz
Comp. 105

Ranger's Apprentice: The Sorcerer in the North
John Flanagan
295 pages
Random House Australia

“Face your fears, Halt had always taught him, and more often than not they fade like mist in the sunshine” (197). 

In the second half of The Sorcerer in the North by John Flanagan, will is on his way to Macindaw, a castle in a northern part of the country, for his first mission as a full fledged Ranger. As a Ranger, he is part of an elite group of some of the best archers, tacticians, and sneaks in the country. At Macindaw, Lord Syron, the leader there, has fallen ill, and many suspect ill doing by a sorcerer. Will is to go dressed as a jester, to blend in and not draw attention to himself as anything more than he is. Flanagan does a good job of keeping the mystery alive in regards to the sorcerer. The reader never knows who it is, but has suspicions, and Flanagan exploits that, keeping the book interesting. 

Will meets Orman, the temporary ruler of Macindaw while his father is sick. Will's and his contact Alyss, sent by Crowley and Halt, are suspicious of Orman. Alyss was sent because Will can immediately trust her, and she is capable of the tasks required. Will can trust her because they are long time friends. They are suspicious of Orman because it is likely that he wants the crown from his father. Flanagan does an excellent job of blending the political implications, mystery, investigation, and later fighting, all in one. I also like how Flanagan has Will refer back to advice he has gotten from his mentor Halt. It shows how much of an effect Halt has had on Will, and how a good mentor can make all the difference to a student. 

This is a great book that I would absolutely recommend to anyone who loves action and adventure books. Flanagan keep the book exciting and interesting, and blends in just the right amount of humor in the right places, and never forces anything. While it would be best to read all four books in order before this one, this book is a good point to jump in. 

Cody Wardell- Book Blog #6

Cody Wardell
Composition 105

Tim Tebow: Through My Eyes
by Tim Tebow with Nathan Whitaker
Copyright 2011 by Timothy R. Tebow
260  pages

“Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven you. -Ephesians 4:32”(37)

This quote comes from Chapter 12. Every chapter begins with a quote from the Bible. The quotes show just how much Tim Tebows relationship with God means to him. I really liked this quote because forgiveness is a huge part of life these days. Treat people the way you want to be treated and always be forgiving is the meaning behind this quote.
The last half of this book is even more story telling from Tim Tebow. Tebow talks a lot about his best and worst games as a Florida Gator. It also talks about his career as a Denver Bronco. My favorite story he told was about his game as a Florida Gator in 2008 against the Georgia Bulldogs. He discussed how nervous he was for the game and how much the game meant to him. At the time, the Florida Gators were ranked #5 in the polls and the Georgia Bulldogs were #8. He mentioned how good the Georgia defense was that year and just how explosive they were and that this game would be one of the biggest games/battles of his life. Little did he know that he would have one of the best games of his life. Tim Tebow ended that game with about 200 yards rushing and passing and he scored 5 touchdowns to lead his team to a 49 to 10 victory. In the last half it also talked about how hard he worked in the off-season and his best off-season was when he graduated from college and was making the transition to the pros. He was drafted in 2010 by the Denver Broncos. In his 2011 season as a Bronco he got the start in his 6th game due to the Broncos benching their starting QB Orten. In his first start, he led the Broncos to a come-from-behind 18–15 overtime victory against the Miami Dolphins, after being down 15–0 with less than three minutes left in the game. Tebow led the team to six wins in their next eight games and into the playoffs. The Broncos beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in the wild-card game of the playoffs before losing to the New England Patriots in the division championship game, ending Tebow’s first season as the Broncos starting quarterback. The book ends with Tebow saying that he doesn’t know what his future holds after this season.
After that 2011 season, Tebow was then traded to the Jets. After one season as a Jet, he was listed as a free agent and hasn’t played a game since. I found this book extremely motivating and inspiring. I liked it because even the greatest athletes have set backs and they find a way to overcome them. I reccomend this book to any sports fan or anyone who loves an inspirational story.

Wellendorf Blog #6

Ben Wellendorf
Composition 105

The Forest of Hands and Teeth
Carrie Ryan
Delacorte Press
308 Pages

“Those days back there, in the house. That is my world. That is my truth," he says. "That is my ocean.”  (p. 227).

The quote was one of the quotes that really was a huge point in the book.  At the beginning of the book, Mary’s mom always told her about the ocean and how it was a majestic place without any zombies.  Mary was always trapped in the village, so she never believed that there was an ocean until she finally saw it, which wasn’t really what Mary had expected.  The arriving scene at the ocean was the climax, so I’m not going to spoil what happens!  This quote, though, helps show that their “ocean” is a place where everything is peaceful and calm.

The second half of the book is really creepy, but really interesting.  It was one of those books where you wonder why that would happen, but you’re also so excited that you keep on reading it more and more, and cannot put the book down.  Mary gets out of the village with a group of people, and Mary learns how to kill zombies and what not.  They had a scare that Mary got bit during one of the adventures, and her long-time love Travis got bit by zombies when he tried to save them by practically going on a suicide-mission.  Their place in the forest they were staying at started on fire, so they had to keep moving towards the ocean.  Her brother, Jed, also dies from falling off a cliff, so Mary isn’t having the greatest of luck trying to get to the ocean.  Without ruining the climax and the end, basically, she finds the ocean and realizes that it is not even close to what she expected.

After reading this book, I realized that the person who wrote this book has a weird sense in writing.  I thought that they would find the ocean perfectly fine with Travis, and no one or maybe a couple not big characters, but they liked to kill off a lot of the main people.  After putting Mary through all the suffering, she finally finds the ocean after her brother falls off a cliff and her love gets bit by a zombie, and it turns out the ocean is nothing compared to what she thinks it is.  Overall, this book definitely made me very interested throughout the whole story.  It was kind of hard to follow along, but I really was interested and didn’t want to put down the book whatsoever.  This book showed a lot of different themes of life, like fear, love, and sacrifice.  Fear, because they had to live in a world where zombies killed people.  Love, because Mary loved Travis and would do anything for him, which it showed throughout the whole story.  And sacrifice, because there was a lot of sacrifices made in this story.  For example, Travis sacrificed himself to make sure Mary and the gang would be safe.  He ran out in a zombie-infested world and got himself killed to sacrifice himself for Mary.  That shows how much he also loved Mary, to die for her so she’s happy and healthy.  This book is a must-read for anyone who loves zombies and mystery/exciting books.