Monday, December 1, 2014

Jazmin Cruz
Comp. 105

Ellen Hopkins
565 Pages

"One thing to live for, one day at a time."

     Identical is about twin sisters that are both broken because of their family life. Their family looks perfect, but they aren't. Kaeleigh is sexually abused by her father ever since a car accident a few years ago that left her twin sister dead. At first, I thought that Kaeleigh and Raeanne were two different people with their own lives, and they were. Until the car accident. Their father was driving the car with the whole family in it and they all got into a car accident. Raeanne actually died in the accident. Kaeleigh has been living her life thinking that her sister was still alive. But she wasn't. When I first read this, I thought it was pretty confusing. Now I realize it's not very confusing though. Kaeleigh was said to have a personality disorder called Disassociation Identity Disorder. The doctor explained that she probably got this disorder to try and cope with the trauma after losing her twin sister.
     Once I read this part of the book, I love it even more! I liked that there was such a huge plot twist. I also loved how there was some psychology that was a pretty big part of the book. I am really interesting in psychology, so that's why the ending of this book was interesting to me. It was also cool because in Psychology class, we just got done with the chapter about disorders and we actually had to do an essay about Disassociation Identity Disorder. It just really amazes me that someone can have a disorder like this. I don't understand how someone can act like two different people but not even know it.
     Now that I am done reading Identical, it is one of my favorite books. I love how Ellen Hopkins writes her books, with the poetry style. On some of the pages, the words were shaped as a heart which is interesting to me. Overall, it was a fantastic book and I would recommend it to young adults because there is also a lot of talk about drugs, alcohol, and self harm.

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  1. Looks pretty good. The way you analyzed this book was very good, you put a more personal view into it.