Monday, December 1, 2014

Marshall Owen #6

The Batboy
Mike Lupica
Philomel Books
246 Pages

          "I think maybe you're a little burned out." "Burned out," Brian Said, nodding like he was agreeing. "At fourteen. Good call. Burned out. Why didn't I think of that?"

          As in most situations getting burned out can be a real killer, it makes doing what you love to do hard to handle. Sometimes a break is needed from even the most fun activities. Brian is still the bat boy for the Tigers, and as the season goes on members of the team seem to think that he needs a break from baseball for a while. They tell him that he knows a lot about the sport, but he is around it to much and it is making him crazy. Most people can relate to this instance with almost any activity, after being around it for a while you just need to step away and take a break.
          Brian really loves his position as the bat boy and really loves interacting with the team. Quitting his position would be hard for him and he would not like going back to his normal life. Brian gets news that his dad is coming to watch the Tigers play a baseball game to scout Hank, a Tigers player, in hopes that they can get him to play in Japan. This news makes Brian excited that he gets to see his dad, but he doesn't want to see his favorite player Hank to leave the Tigers.
         At the end of the book Brian is playing baseball for his local team and is struggling. When He looks to the bench he sees his friend Hank standing there. Brian is in shock and is puzzled and ask a million questions. Hank just explains that after their game the night before he drove all the way back to watch his buddy Brian play. Hank gives Brian some reminders and when Brian gets to the plate to bat he hits his first home run. Just like every player would be after hitting their first home run Brian was super excited.
          Mike Lupica does a great job of going into detail about the setting of his books. In Batboy Lupica does a good job explaining where the setting is at all times and does a great job of explaining the characters. Where I got confused was keeping all the characters straight and not getting them mixed up. Other than that part the book was very good read and I would recommend this book and any of Lupicas books to anyone intersted in sport books.


  1. You gave nice detail and a nice explanation. You gave a nice background on the story.

  2. Other than your analysis being a little confusing your blog looks pretty good with nice details.