Monday, December 1, 2014

Noah Wittrock #6

Noah Wittrock
Ellen Hopkins
Margaret K. McElderry Books Simon and Schuster, New York
Comp. 3
310 pages.
“The next, all is forgiven, everything is right, and you can’t really remember why you were so mad in the first place. It’s irritating because one of life’s true joys is being righteously mad about something. But load the pipe and the ‘righteous’ part vanishes in a puff of smoke.” (p.446)
This quotation threw me off a little. I thought is was going to be more about the girl’s views but then it turned into a drug reference. I chose this quotation because of that. The first part of the quotation seemed like it was going to be somewhat relatable because sometimes getting mad is a good thing and everyone does it. Her way of coping with anger was what was unrelatable.
The second half of this book is still about the main characters batter with substance abuse and the struggle of raising her child. She keeps having the same struggles she had in the first half of the book. The temptation to do drugs overwhelms her and she goes to get some. She gets the drugs and begins doing them again. She uses the drugs as a way to cope with her life. Her drug abuse ends up getting her into a lot of trouble. She gets into trouble with the law and decides it’s for the best to let her mother take care of her son.

The second half of this book was pretty good. The author continues the story of the girl and 

adds a lot more to the story. The author added a lot more suspenseful and meaningful parts 

into this half of the book such as the police part and the part at the end where the main girl 

gives up her baby. It seemed like a lot more occurred in this half of the book because it 

contained the climax and the conclusion. I have read many books by this author and none of 

them have disappointed.


  1. Good job of including your insight along with the summary. I also like how you referred to the quote and explained it. The formatting seems to be really messed up though, and the blog is a little short. Overall good job.

  2. Nice job on an explanation and how you understood the book. Good job on including how you can make a relation to the story line and giving a nice background.