Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Road Analysis

I am planning on doing good guys vs. bad guys and why there might not even be any good guys anymore for my analysis over The Road by Cormac McCarthy.  I feel like I can tie in survival as well in the analysis over the good vs. evil, and why carrying the fire represents the good.  Even though the Man and the Boy want to think they are good, I feel like they almost have to be evil at certain times for survival, which I'm going to analyze why.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

"The Road" Analysis- Nick Reetz

Nick Reetz
Comp. 106
Ms. Gach

For my analysis of "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy, I plan on analyzing survival in the post-apocalyptic world. Most people left alive in the world are trying to survive the harsh environment and lack of food and water. There is much to look at, including both the mental and physical aspects of survival, as well as the methods of the "good guys" and the "bad guys."

Monday, January 26, 2015

Kyrsten Lampman
Ms. Gach

I chose to do my analysis on the bond and relationship of the man and boy. They are the two main characters in the book so there is a lot to analyze between the two characters. I will be talking about how much the man has to do for the boy to keep him safe and comforted on this long journey. Their "okay" thing will also be a mainpoint of my analysis.

Analysis For Paper

For my analysis paper, I will be analyzing the thoughts and emotions of the father and son. I will discuss, obviously, the feelings of each throughout the book and discuss the thoughts that caused them to do anything in the book or why they did something. I'll also include my own explanation for why they felt or thought specific things.

The Road Analysis

My paper is going to be about how the boy's view of the world is completely different from both the man's world and little boy's world today. The boy was raised during the apocalypse and has never been a "normal" child. Even though the world he lives in is a disaster, he still sees the good in everything.

Analysis for "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy

I plan on doing my analysis on "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy over symbols and imagery throughout the book. There are characters, items and settings that have a deeper meaning and I want to dig deeper on this topic.
I am focusing on the relationship between the man and the boy; specifically on how they both grow as the story progresses. I want to talk about the slight changes in perspective of the man and the boy as they face different hardships. I will also examine the ways the man and boy grow closer and apart as it comes nearer to the end. Tone of voice and depth of conversation during the dialogue portions will also be taken into consideration as I am writing.
For my analysis of "The Road", I will be taking a look at the different aspects of survival. Specifically the different objects that were important in the story that they either found or already had. As well as how the father and son handled themselves when dealing with other people. This is basically the whole story, however you are able to look at it in a smaller sense because it is more focused.

Gunner C
DMACC comp
Ms Gach

After reading the book "The Road" I have decided that I am ready to do an analysis over the boy's relationship with his father. This relationship is interesting because the father sometimes seems that he is trying to shelter the boy while in the meantime he is trying to teach the boy how to survive the horrible post apocalyptic situation. The man almost seems to know that he is going to die soon because of the way he starts treating the young boy at the end of story compared to at the beginning of it. There was something that changed how the man treated his young boy.

The Road Analysis

I am planning on analyzing the difference between the "good guys" and the "bad guys" in The Road. There are multiple spots throughout the book where the boy asks the man if they are the "good guys" and the man always replies that they are. I will be focusing on the "good guys" more than the "bad guys" because the main characters are good guys.

The Road: Paper Overview

For my paper on the road, I will be focusing on mental toughness. I will talk about the factors that affected the man and the boy's mental toughness, and I will provide examples. I will explain the different dreams they had and what significance these dreams had to the story. Then, I'll explain why this story is a mystery and what's thought of as being real or not real. My thesis statement is as follows: With many hardships in the man and the boy's time, their mental toughness plays a significant role in everything they do, but this toughness is affected by everything that happens.

Carrying the fire.

I will be doing my paper over the idea that the boy and the father are "carrying the fire". My thesis statement will be..."A boy and his son traveling a cold, bitter, and dying world, the only thing that they have to keep them alive is the fire that they are carrying within." It helps explain the focus of my paper and the focus of the story too.
I am choosing to write about the bond between father and son. Yes I will analyze the relationship between the man and the boy during the story, but I will also relate it to relationships I have experienced with my own father as well as experiences from people I know.
I a doing my analysis on the Road about the relationship between the man and boy. I will use examples from the story about what the man does and sacrifices for the boy. I will focus in how the man killed a man for endangering his boy and how the man tries to make the boy feel safe. I think this is the biggest concept in the book because these are the two main characters in the book.
Alyssa Buren

For my analysis of The Road, I am planning on doing mine over the imagery and emotions throughout the book. In some spots in the book, the emotions intertwine with the imagery, so I plan on putting them together in the paper. I have not wrote a thesis statement yet, but I have a good idea what will be included.