Wednesday, February 25, 2015

From Baghdad, With Love -Emily Koenck

Emily Koenck
Comp 2
From Baghdad, With Love

   "Then they thrust their rifles around the corner, squared off, and zeroed in on the clicks as their target rushed to the other side of the room.
   'Holy shit.'
   The puppy turned at the sound of their voices and stared at them.
   'What the hell?'
   He cocked his head, trying to interpret their intent rather than their words.
   'You gotta be kidding.'
   Then he yipped, wagged his tail, and clicked his toenails on the floor as he pranced up and down in place, happy it seemed someone had found him at last"

  Lieutenant Colonel Jay Kopelman was walking down a hallway in a compound housing U.S. Marines in Iraq, when he heard a noise that startled him. He started to point his gun, in case it was an attacker, when out ran a little five-week-old stray puppy. Kopelman states in his book, "He's only a puppy, too young to know how to mask it, so I can see how bravery and terror trap him on all sides while testosterone and adrenaline compete in the meantime for every ounce of his attention. Recognize it right away." Kopelman felt so bad for this stray puppy, that didn't have anything, that he took the puppy with him to try to save him. He brought the puppy back to their base and they became attached to the little puppy. They built him a box and put blankets and pillows and toys in their for him to sleep. They later on named the little pup Lava because he was found where the third Marines had lived in an abandoned house and the third Marines group was called Lava dogs. 

Kopelman knows how hard it will be keeping the puppy around base and moving all the time and having to bring Lava with them. When they had to pick up and move bases they kept avoiding talking about what they were going to do with Lava. One night they had to pack up and go and Kopelman couldn't find Lava so they had to leave without him. Kopelman was really sad and felt like he should have found Lava. When they made it to their new base he was unpacking and there was Lava snuggled up and sleeping in this bag of clothes. Kopelman was so relieved.

I can't wait to read the rest of the book to see how Kopelman will bring Lava home with him. Kopelman has avoided talking about the process that he has to go through to get Lava home with him. So far, I really enjoy the book and reading about Lava because I really love dogs. The adventure that they have been on already in the book makes me wonder what more adventures that they will go through. 


  1. Good summary of the book, and I like how it relates back to the quote really well.

    Needs a little more of your analysis and opinion.

  2. Good summary of the book, and I like how it relates back to the quote really well.

    Needs a little more of your analysis and opinion.

  3. Nice opening quote and nice excerpt from the book. You could put in a little more personal opinion about the book.

  4. I like the quotation you used in the first paragraph, the reader can really get a good idea of the emotion in this book. Like Nick said, you could have done more with your analysis.

  5. Great job giving a details on the story line of this book. Great job avoiding the usage of the word "it" in you blog. Next time, try to do a little more relating to the book and give a recommendation on who you think this book would be a good read for.

  6. Good use of quotations from the book! only thing I can suggest is maybe more quotes

  7. Ditto to the comments above. This summarizes the plot so far with a good use of details. What is your thinking as you are reading the book? Jot down some thoughts while you read and incorporate them into your blog; then give your overall analysis at the end.