Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Jacob Kelly
Comp II
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What makes a human..a human? In the book Mutants, it talks about “Mutants” which are really just deformed humans, or as people used to call them, “Monsters.” This book talks about anything from intersex states in people, all the way to conjoined twins.
Any scientist would probably look at this book in anger because the word “Mutant” has become more of an insult or a disgusting word more than anything. It used to be an innocent word, but now it has been turned into something deformed and sickening.

There are three major sections of the book. The first section deals with specific human malformation syndromes. The first chapter talks about the religious significance that has been attached to children born with mutations. After this, different chapters are dedicated to conjoined twins, holoprosencephaly and sirenomelia, skeletal dysplasias, and intersex states. In the bookmodern developmental biology: axis formation, patterning, signaling, migration, differentiation, and cell death. Throughout the book are scattered interesting historical references. It talks about how these mutations affected different religions and cultures. The second section of the book is a physiological description of growth and puberty, and about how sometimes when a young boy is growing, sometimes, the body can make mistakes and cause problems in the growth of the body.


  1. Good job on explaining the meaning mutants and explaining the book. Next time, try opening your blog with a quotation from the book.

  2. Great description of the book and use of examples from it. Possible give some questions to think about at the end of the blog.

  3. You did a nice job of summary. You could work on giving more analysis.

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  5. The question at the start of the blog was a good method. I believe Ms Gach wants us to start the blog with a quote from the book But I am not for sure. Good Job. The mutant thing is kind of creepy if you ask me.

  6. This seems like an interesting book, first of all! You did a great job summarizing what was happening. You need to add a quotation at the beginning though, and possibly throw your opinion in there as well.

  7. Ditto the comments about the quotation and personal response to the book. Who is the author? Number of pages? Go into more depth for the next blog. The book sounds creepy but fascinating!